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Guided Luxury: It’s Time To See Africa!

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Imagine a place where the burnt-gold sky soars overhead, where you can indulge in the luxury of time, reconnect with a loved one and truly relish all that nature has to offer. Welcome to Africa. Melanie Keding discovers it is time to visit the truly wild and wonderful landscape of this special place.

Some of your most priceless memories will be things you haven’t yet imagined. As we sit amongst traffic and work at our desks or lounge on the beach, it’s hard to imagine a place where majestic animals roam free and you can sleep amongst them in a luxurious tent.

bedroom of Kicheche Bush Camp

A place where you can see a baby rhino cautiously approach a safari vehicle only to realise that the big hulk isn’t part of its tribe and skitter squeaking back to its mother. Be privileged to watch a huge bull elephant gently entwine trunks with each member of his herd in greeting and your heart will melt.

All these are experiences beyond precious and all can be found in Africa, where you can leave the chaos of everyday life behind, disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature – and the best news is you can do it without sacrificing comfort. You can have your freshly-brewed coffee delivered to your glamping tent before embarking on a day of absolute adventure thanks to the rise in luxury tours.

Forget long trips in uncomfortable trucks, leaking tents and bland food and say hello to luxe glamping tents, delicious food and wine and small travel groups to ensure one-on-one attention.
Tour providers and seasoned travellers such as Rachel Cleary of Rachel Cleary Travel are already on the luxury travel bandwagon, showing avid travellers that they can have their cake, eat it and then visit some of the most amazing locations throughout the world.

Two of her three sojourns for this year are already booked out but with space available in her November 2019 tour and also in May 2020, there is an open invitation for first-time adventurers or those who like to have amazing experiences and still enjoy the finer things in life.

family dining at Kicheche Bush Camp

As a multi-award-winning travel advisor, Rachel’s passion for Africa, contagious sense of humour, adventurous spirit and caring attitude have her clients joining her time and time again. Rachel books tours for only 12 travellers at a time and only visits areas with high-density wildlife where conservation is a priority.

As an accredited Virtuoso member, Rachel can access exclusive benefits for her clients including VIP services at a range of hotels, for cruises and tours so travellers can relax knowing they will receive the star treatment. It’s time to step into your comfort zone and into a world of luxury and adventure!

Preparation is key when it comes to packing up and seeing the world. More important than the passport and luggage is making sure you are fit and healthy to travel. Visiting a GP qualified in travel medicine is the first step to ensuring you can enjoy every part of your holiday.

GPs such as Dr Catriona from DOT Travel Clinic can advise you about a range of health issues which are relevant to your holiday as well as review the specific, planned destinations and assess what your particular health risks could be.

With a post-graduate qualification from the International Society of Travel Medicine, Dr Catriona can conduct a comprehensive assessment and take into consideration many variables including your age, personal medical history, medications, vaccination history and allergy profile. There is no “one-size-fits-all” set of recommendations.

Each trip and an individual traveller’s requirements will vary. Take the Yellow Fever vaccination for example. It is recommended for many countries on the African and South American continents but shouldn’t be given to travellers with certain medical conditions or in specific age groups. Similarly, antimalarial recommendations will vary too.

When it comes to the dreaded Traveller’s Diarrhoea some people are more at risk of a gastric upset than others. There are certain medical conditions and regular medications which can render some travellers more vulnerable, so Dr Catriona can formulate a strategy aimed at lowering your risk.

Like Rachel, Dr Catriona is known for her attention to detail and her dedicated approach to helping each travelling patient optimise their preparation and general health before and during their trip.

DOT Travel Clinic is an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre and stocks most travel vaccinations on site for your convenience. You can read more about the travel health service and download a pre-consultation questionnaire at

So… with Rachel Cleary Travel you get a unique African experience designed to stun and thrill; and with Dr Catriona you’ll be healthy enough to take on the world!

Rachel’s next luxury tours take off in November 2019 and May 2020 with limited availability.
8 night luxury safari – from $7,500 per person twin share.
Call 0412 053 664 to book. Call Dot Travel Clinic on 5470 2211 for health advice.

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