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Stuck in the perpetual motion of our world, we often forget our minds need time to slow down. Georgia Beard discovers the benefits of a holiday that’s a little closer to home.

Borders closures won’t budge, conversations nosedive into pits of negativity and our stress levels jump as every day of uncertainty passes. Although we should be mindful of our changing world, sometimes it’s just too much. We need to escape. We need to pull ourselves out of the pit, to sit still and watch the world move around us. 

“But where can we go?” I hear you ask. 

Well, your travel options aren’t as limited as they seem. You only need to walk out your front door, and you’ll end up in paradise. 

Visit Noosa has curated some of the best deals, ideas and suggestions for your next staycation. It’s a chance to see Noosa through the eyes of our visitors, especially now they’ve gone AWOL. 

Someone needs to fill that empty space, right? 

Let’s disappear into the Noosa Hinterland, the sprawling valleys dotted with country retreats and natural wonders. Stay at one of the many accommodation options in Elanda Point, Cooran or Pomona, whether it be a cottage, farm stay or glamping experience. 

Hidden in the hills, you’ll feel like the only person around to take in the views. 

Once you’ve settled in, you can truly explore the beauty of the Hinterland. Sweep down the Noosa Everglades in a kayak or canoe, meandering through Elanda Point. Immerse yourself in the Mothar Mountain Rockpools in Cooran. Hike up Mt Cooroora in Pomona to watch the sun set (or rise) over the landscape. 

Heading east, we emerge onto the skin-warming sands of Noosa’s coastline, a beach caught in the perpetual lull of relaxation. Choose from a range of resorts, villas and apartments in Noosa Heads, Sunshine Beach or Peregian Beach, where the people are mellow and the days even more so. 

You’ll always find something to do here. Indulge in gourmet meals and cocktail evenings at one of the many restaurants on Hastings Street. Peruse the beachside markets in Peregian or check out for a few hours at a day spa. Dip your toes in the waves or take a pontoon boat into calmer water. 

Returning from the staycation and into your own backyard without the hassle or highway driving or flying, you’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to fall back into the orbit of the wider world.

Discover the magic of Noosa and why people from all over Australia and the world wish they were here.

Visit www.visitnoosa.com.au/staycation to discover deals for accommodation, experiences, food, drink and more. You’ll be glad you did! 

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