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Alison Smith explores three different types of gardens to suit all lifestyles and tastes.

Native Gardens

Native gardens are always a popular option especially if you are trying to attract birds, insects and native wildlife to your garden.

There is a vast array of native varieties that will suit your local area and soil type. For sandy-soil and Coastal conditions choose Pandanus, Banksia Integrifolia and for smaller options look for Casuarina ‘Cousin It’ and Banksia Spinuloas. Kangaroo Paws and Xanthorrhoea Grass Tree can’t be overlooked as an option when you are working with dry areas in the garden.

Once established these native varieties generally require little maintenance, just a feed of a native-safe fertiliser every few months. And like all gardens a good layer of mulch goes a long way to minimising weeds.

Palm Springs

If low-maintenance, minimalist and stylish design sounds like you, then consider a Palm Springs-inspired landscape. Increasing in popularity and desire, these gardens are focused on shape and intelligent layout.

Utilising a simple design, this style doesn’t overcrowd a space – less is more. A few larger plantings spaced around, perhaps a large pot, then smaller plantings of complimentary shapes with the use of low, fleshy ground covers to soften gravel or stone. Plant choice is key in these so look to Crassula, Agave and Senecio for the lower levels with features plantings of Euphorbia, Bismark Palms or Dragon Trees. These gardens epitomise xeriscaping – using low water/no water techniques and plants which are perfect for our subtropical climate.

Edible Gardens

No matter how large or small of a space you have, an edible garden can be created. Small herbs like basil and parsley are great for window sills and kitchen benches.
Head outside and larger pots or a sunny small garden bed can be adapted to grow tomatoes, chillies, leafy greens, strawberries, peas and beans. If you have a larger space and are keen to grow enough to sustain your family larger plants like, pumpkin, zucchini and fruit trees to create a small orchard can be introduced.

There are also many options for modular container gardening that can be used in any space including balconies.

Always remember to plant what you like to eat so you get the most out of your garden.

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