Kids Get Back To Basics

Kids Get Back To Basics

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Today’s children are often criticised. They have too much screen time, too much sugar and not enough organic foods. Jolene Ogle discovers some ways to get back to basics these holidays.

Raising children in this rapid, socialmedia- drenched world is challenging and can leave many parents – and kids – longing for a much simpler time. With the school holidays in full swing, this is a great time to reconnect with nature, creativity and what it means to be a kid.

It’s clear our kids are in trouble with one in 14 children aged between 4-17 years suffering from anxiety and the number of deaths by suicide is the highest it has been in 10 years, according to Beyond Blue. Psychologists argue a range of different factors impacting our kids’ mental health but it seems children are fast detaching from what makes childhood so much fun; mud, art and simply breathing.

A recent study of outdoor play in Portugal found changes in current societies are affecting childhood experiences.

Researchers stressed that time for outdoor play is diminishing, contributing to more sedentary lifestyles and a disconnection from the natural world.

Kids get back to basics

Throughout Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, a ground swell in holistic, play-based activities are making a comeback for our modern kids. From the art of sewing to writing a story, painting a picture and taking a deep breath, an army of holistic believers are out in force, returning today’s kids back to nature and nurture.

Founders of the Breathe Project, Kat and Bohdi, are working within schools to teach the importance of simply breathing.

“We want the kids to autonomously regulate their own emotions and behaviours,” Kat says.

“We want them to use this inbuilt support system that we all have to self-regulate. For students and teachers to be able to calm their bodies, clear their minds and reconnect.

“Ideally, this is something simple teachers and students can imbed in their normal school day.”

Since launching the Breathe Project three-years-ago, Kat and Bohdi have visited more than 170 schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Kat says the program is one way children can find inner-peace in what can sometimes be a chaotic world.

“What led us to the idea of Breathe Project is we saw the levels of anxiety, stress and suicide were on the rise with our kids,” she says.

“If we’re having young children struggling like this and eight-year-olds on anti-depressant medication, well, we’ve messed something up. But it’s been amazing to see schools that were academically-driven, based on results, now flipping that and taking a focus on well-being.

Kat and Bohdi aren’t alone with a host of organic, play-based activities now on offer for our kids including the basic skill of sewing.

Art workshops, print making classes and drawing masterclasses. All ages.

Noosa Civic Shopping Centre Sewing classes for kids 7+ from $10.

Nature-based workshops and playgroups where kids can really get their hands dirty. All ages.

Perfect for the whole family, workshops, classes & events based on movement, creativity and mindfulness.

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Contact Kat and Bohdi to find out how to run this project in your school.

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