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Father and son Lucio and Matteo Galletto teamed up to host a celebration of all things Ligurian and share tales and tastes from home. Deb Caruso delighted in the decadence!

The Ligurian love was flowing at Lucio’s when Matteo Galletto was joined by his father Lucio as guest Maître ď for a special Ligurian-themed lunch by Head Chef Alberto Vitassovich, who also hails from the region.

An Aperol Spritz on arrival felt necessary until the hand-selected Ligurian wines started flowing.

Each wine was expertly matched to the dishes and to start, the 2020 Bandamatia Prosecco Rosatto stole our hearts and was perfect with the convivial servings of house-made rosemary focaccia; Ligurian olives; and seafood dishes honouring Liguria’s coastal villages – Polipo e patate, braised octopus roast potato & black olive; and Cono di Alici, flash fried anchovies with salsa verde.

The standout dish of the day was the Testaroli, a ‘pancake’ pasta served with a classic pesto from the mountainous areas that are home to the prized Taggiasca olives as well as pine nuts and basil that form the base of the freshest pesto, made in house. A 2021 Sassarini Macaia Cinque Terre Vermentino balanced out the freshness before our tastebuds were taken back to the Italian coast with Pesce all’inzimino, a roasted fish fillet on a classic Ligurian inzimino. Challenging the theory of only drinking white wines with fish was the 2020 Corte San Marttia Rosso Veronese IGP – light and intriguing enough to let the food shine.

A Pinolata Ligure, pine nut and almond cake served with a pine nut gelato, brought a showstopping finish to the feast, particularly when presented with a 2017 Sassarini Sciacchetrá DOC served over ice with rosemary salt – what a sensation!

The only thing better than the flavours were the personal and engaging stories and experiences that Matteo and Lucio shared with each diner as they wandered from table to table. 

Bravo! Bellissimo! Let’s do it again-oh!

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