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Making Your House a Home with Merchants of Botanica

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From interior stylist to a merchant of the finest botanica, Carlie Wacker meets a woman with a talent for designing spaces that create a deeper connection to nature and a nod to the past. 

You will experience a note of nostalgia and an archival undertone when you walk through the doors of Merchants Of Botanica. It’s a delightful distraction from the world outside, a creative space where art meets nature. 

Merchants Of Botanica was born in 2018 and the retail space launched in Peregian Beach in October 2022. Founder and stylist Lorenn Crawford has created a haven of all things botanical and beautiful with a clear intent – to convey classic sensibility and charm for modern spaces in a sentimental and romantic way. 

I feel like Merchants of Botanica is a nod to the past and a gift of the present. It’s a special retail experience for the gift shopper and the home lover. 

A place to purchase the treasured gifts or spoil yourself with products that tease us with historic references and illustrate the way we can merge history with today’s style.  

“My idea with this space was to create an oasis, a place to visit for inspiration to bring your home to life,” Lorenn said. 

“We provide expert interior styling and consulting for residential and commercial spaces, or you can meander through our store to find the perfect gift or unique item for your home.”

Among the treasures you will find Lorenn’s very own and most fabulous greenhouses and terrariums.

“Our own thoughtfully-designed products including plant wares and vessels that have been created to convey a feeling of classic wistfulness whilst merging seamlessly into modern home and businesses,” says Lorenn.  

It truly feels like you are entering a conservatory as you step foot inside the shop – tones, textures and metals meet peacefully and stylishly with live plants and greenery. 

“Our botanically-inspired homewares are sourced from all over the globe and the business was born to connect to nature and enhance the calming influence of plants in our lives,” adds Lorenn. “Our plants come from local growers and I’m in my happy place keeping them healthy until rehomed.” 

Lorenn is a talented visual storyteller and purveyor of the finest botanica. 

“Merchants Of Botanica is the culmination of my thoughts, ideas and inspiration gathered over my twenty-year career working in the homewares industry,” she says. “In my experience what makes a house a home is layering simple and natural elements that will nurture and provide comfort.”

Lorenn’s tips for thriving indoor plants 

  • Monitor and observe your plants
  • Do not overwater – plunge larger plants in a tub or basin of water and allow it to drink what it needs.
  • Feed them with an indoor plant fertiliser
  • Change water regularly in vessels containing hydro plants or cut stems, if you do this every two weeks the fresh water will re oxygenate the greenery.
  • Keep leaves glossy with a wipe of Neem oil 
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