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As another year comes to an end, Pete Goodlet turns to spaces that provide a happy place in uncertain times.

Gardens and courtyards can become a place of solace and refuge where we can unwind and recharge. They are also places to grow happy memories and offer just what we need after what has been a couple of challenging years.

There’s a reason why gardeners are a lovely bunch. My dad Jim was the kindest person I ever met. His creative love was gardening and he was happiest in his vegetable garden or picking roses for mum. Though I must admit if I was the father of nine kids I too would often be found hiding deep in the garden. It was also the best place to escape from mum’s ever-growing list of little jobs to be done around the house. The garden gave dad solace, somewhere he could stand with his hose and water his cares away.

So, I say “Be like Jim.” 

Make your outside spaces a place of solace, regardless of the shape and size. Some of the smallest courtyards can be the most uplifting. We all know the benefits of being surrounded by water and of having somewhere to cool off. 

Having a pool doesn’t mean you miss out on being surrounded by plants with all their benefits. Just ask Stuart and the team from Earth Creation Landscapes. 

This true gentleman of gardening and his very kind crew spend their time creating beauty and places of solace, for they well know that it is in the garden where you will find peace and goodwill. 

They specialise in creating outdoor spaces that will quickly become your happy place – and they’ve been recognised for this with numerous awards under the belt. 

Pots of colour and strategically positioned and expertly-chosen greenery can soften any hard surfaces and create a tropical paradise perfect for entertaining or taking time out. 

To become a better, calmer person. Grow what you love. Think back to your childhood are there any plants that spark a tad of joy? Sometimes it’s all about scent. Gardenias and jasmine are a perfect example of plants steeped in scent that can transport you to another time and place. Place them near your door or open window to take full advantage of their offerings.

Edible plants are an excellent source of vitamins, health benefits and kindness. Share your bumper crop with a neighbour. There are some excellent herbs and veggies that absolutely boom in our climate and are perfect for self-watering pots (a slight misnomer for even these require weekly watering). 

Why not grow six types of chilli to  spice up all parts of your life?! Speaking of parts, always wash your hands thoroughly after handling chillies for there are definitely parts that do not appreciate a touch of capsaicin! Believe me it will be easier to stay kind if you avoid that burning encounter! 

Pots are perfect for balconies and courtyards, so if you get enough light, you can have an abundance even in the smallest space. Basil grows like crazy here. Plant lots, make pesto and give a pot to a friend. I plant two punnets of flat leaf parsley every spring as it’s an excellent addition to most dishes. When it goes to seed, scatter it around the garden with gay abandon. A tub of Tiny Tim Tomatoes might not tiptoe through your tulips, but they will certainly brighten up your Christmas salad.

Yes, it’s that time when all your relatives get together. A time that often tests the kindness of even the sweetest people. This can be an intense period of many diverse personalities, and even your own home can start to feel a tad crowded. Do yourself a kindness and plan a little spot of bliss in your own garden or courtyard where you can  take solace and some deep breaths to connect with your true, kind, loving self.

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