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The winner of Noosa’s Cutest Dog owns a wardrobe of scarves and watches DOG TV, which Helen Flanagan thinks is totally pawsible.

Coco the chocolate labradoodle was a tad over-exuberant for his former housemate, who is a formidable senior four-footer, so the 15-month-old bid a hasty retreat and hid in the naughty corner with paws crossed hoping for rescue angels. 

After training sessions at puppy school, thanks to adoptive parents Jeannie and Mark Sexton, Coco’s fur-bulous wide smile returned and the now 6-year-old happily leaps around like a goat, especially when it’s time to hop in the car and head for coffee at Fika Cafe in Cooroy or dinner at 250 Grammi. Sitting on a roll-up rug with fold-up bowl, she hopes for more than pats and cuddles from the team. Well, she is a very fussy eater and prefers ‘hooman’ food. 

Happiest days are at the Spit’s doggie beach or sometimes Marcus Beach.

“Coco is besotted with digging massive holes in the sand, burying a ball and also swimming out into the waves to retrieve it,” said fur-daddy Mark, a former 5-star hotelier. 

“She is ball and squeaky toy obsessed, isn’t big on other dogs and is most unhappy when another dog tries to share her toys, which fit into a large basket. Monkey Kong is her current fave.” 

When it comes to home-life on Lake Macdonald, Coco’s manners are impeccable. No heckling hens and replanting veggies. 

“She only digs at the beach, believe it or not, and is very fond of the chookies,” says Mark’s wife, former registered nurse Jeannie with a wry smile. “When she chews a meaty raw beef bone on the front lawn, the ‘girls’ gather around waiting for scraps. Aside from chewing a pair of my sandals when we first brought her home – her only ever misdemeanour; she really is an angel.  

“Indoors, she relaxes on her Pupnap fluffy bed at a window overlooking the front of the property, where she monitors the arrival of visitors and keeps an eye on those free-ranging feathered friends. 

“She has another Pupnap at the foot of our bed and is allowed onto it only when invited. Similarly for the sofa and that’s after her special blanket has been laid out! Thanks goodness she’s a non-shedder.

“Coco loves to watch television, especially when we are out. Naturally we leave the channel on DOG TV. Yes, it’s a real thing on YouTube, full of pawsome adventures!” 

Last year Noosa Council was looking for adorable dogs to promote dog registration. Locals were asked to post a favourite photo on the council’s Facebook contest site or their own Instagram account with hashtags #YourNoosa and #NoosasCutestDogs. There were numerous runners-up, however the inaugural winner of Noosa’s Cutest Dog was Coco. 

Add a wardrobe of scarves and a penchant for keeping up appearances with a sassy cut and blow dry every six weeks, Miss Fur-bulosity could be a su-pawstar in the making! 

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