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Over the Rainbow with BoomShankar

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Pete Goodlet discovers a world of colour with the opening of Boom Shankar on Hastings Street.

Boom is in the street! Hastings Street that is. On a sunny day in May, Boom Shankar came flying into the street, sprinkling rainbows in its wake. The new flagship store is alight with colour and joy. A sense of welcome starts with the rainbow coloured moniker above the door and continues as you enter a magical world of funky lighting, vintage accessories and a large range of fabulous mix and match pieces to put the fun in fashion!

The Boom ethos is all about individuality, confidence and choosing joy. As part of the Boom family, you are inspired to love yourself and the planet; to find your own fabulous style to take on the world with a skip in your step and a smile in your heart.

The latest “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” range encapsulates the Boom Shankar ethos and to launch it, they have collaborated with artists and creatives to combine the chance for dress up fun and an interview for their fabulous blog on 

Boom’s shirts are my year-round go-to. I love their colours and on hot summer days the lightweight cotton breathes beautifully. I couldn’t help but go home with a Charlie Shirt, it just felt so good. 

After providing the soundtrack “Rosedrops” for the latest Boom film, super talented songstress Laik @laikwaves was keen to mix it up with several new pieces. With her own unique take on fashion where clothing creates pictures on the body, Laik mixed and matched like magic. Super stylish sisters Jan and Jill are long term members of the Boom family. Having discovered Dui and her amazing creations at the Eumundi market back in 2003, these Boom babes have a big collection of the signature Guru pants and dresses. They love the look, and the comfortable fabrics make for perfect travel companions.

It’s hard not to love founder Dui Cameron and her fabulous team. While creativity is paramount, great steps are taken to ensure Boom treads gently on the planet. A recycling regime is in place, packaging is reusable and manufacturing is kept to best practice to reduce environmental waste. Boom Shankar started from humble beginnings, making tops and skirts from antique, embroidered and sequined wedding saris. Dui sold these at a popular market in Goa, India before moving onto a stall at Eumundi Markets and then establishing the global base in Noosa. 

Not one to forget such a humble start, Dui has been determined to give back. Fair labour conditions are in place in both Australia and India, providing a safe and discrimination-free workplace. A strong social conscience sees Boom Shankar support many Australian charities and schools and projects in India. 

Fancy having a fun time of playing mix and match dress ups? Head down to Boom Shankar on Hastings Street and check out the latest stock or visit the Boom showroom at 2/47 Gateway Drive Noosaville for sale pieces and previous season designs. 

Big love. Big life. Choose Joy! xx

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