Plants for Health with Manawee Garden Centre and Merchants of Botanica

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Indoor plants are loving their rise in popularity – they are taking over our homes one room at a time and the upward trend is doing wonders for our health. Carlie Wacker explores the benefits of bringing the outdoors in. 

Australians love a houseplant. Our obsession has seen a growth in businesses dedicated to the indoor garden and the health benefits are just as beautiful as the fresh aesthetic they create in our personal spaces. 

My collection began for interior styling purposes – green was the new black a while back and the house started to fill with Ficus and Ferns. It was much later that I learnt that my green children were doing wonders for my wellness and the indoor garden curation became much more strategic. 

Your indoor plants can help purify the air, boost your mood and lower stress levels. If you are anything like me, they also become your friends and one-sided conversations are shared whilst tending to their needs. 

To best look after your house plants and your health I asked some of the Sunshine Coast experts in indoor gardening Simon Van Roy from Manawee Garden Centre and Lorenn Crawford of Merchants of Botanica to share their top tips and thoughts.

Simon says the two main benefits of plants are improvement of air quality and wellbeing. 

“In an average four-by-five metre room, one plant can make your air 25 per cent cleaner and five plants make the air up to 75 per cent cleaner,” he said. “The magic number for optimum purification and wellbeing benefits is 10 plants in an average four-by-five metre room.”


1. Pothos (Scindapsus Species) – this is ideal for the new plant parent – it is low maintenance, always green and a climbing vine so it looks fabulous on your desk or kitchen bench.

2. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – this midsize glamour plant is the best addition to your bedroom as it aids in a good nights’ sleep as it absorbs airborne mould spores that are common allergens. 

3. Cascade Palm (Chamaedora Atrovirens) – a statement in any space this pretty palm is a natural humidifier and boosts oxygen levels. 

4. Ribbon Plant (Chlorophytum) – also known as a Spider Plant and one of the best to reduce anxiety and clean the air. 

5. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) – is a great showpiece in the corner of any room and great for those that suffer from allergies as it produces no pollen. And if applied to a skin rash, the leaves are known to have natural anti-inflammatory properties. 


1. Lady Palm (Rhapis Excelsa) – This striking palm not only looks beautiful with its fan shaped leaves, but it’s a wonderful air cleaner in your home and is also safe for pets.

2. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata) – these graceful greens thrive on humidity and restore moisture to the air. Great for those that suffer dry skin and throat but as a bonus it helps to remove toxins and is also pet friendly!

3. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – this popular houseplant is one of the best plants to remove toxins, it can tolerate lower light environments and will tell you when it’s thirsty. Unfortunately, it is toxic for pets.

4. Pothos Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum) – this trailling beauty is low maintenance and easy to grow, also fights off common household toxins but is toxic for pets – so best to place it up high if you can!

5. Flamingo Lily (Anthurium Andraeanum) – this flowering plant delivers lovely blooms, whilst eliminating carbon dioxide and other toxic substances from your space. 

With these important plant tips and suggestions deeply rooted into your memory you can now go about creating a healthier, more productive home and office. Plants are well known to increase productivity – not just because you are busier maintaining all the living things in your house. So, get growing indoors and may your live a life of wellness in greener and cleaner air.  


PRODUCTIVITY: Peace Lily, Philodendron

MENTAL HEALTH: Lavender, Jasmine, Aloe Vera 

IMMUNITY: Mother-in-law’s tongue, Chrysanthemum 

AIR PURIFICATION: Spider Plant or Ribbon Plant 

ALLERGY REDUCTION: Peace Lily, Bamboo Plant

SLEEP PROBLEMS: Lavender, Gardenia, Peace Lily 

FRESH AIR: Boston Fern, Ficus, Rubber Tree 

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