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Self-care is a buzzword right now but in such a busy world drenched in technology, nothing is more important than switching off and connecting with friends, as Jolene Ogle discovers.

Kids, work, home-life, eating right, salvaging the remaining scraps of a social life; it’s all a recipe for burnout. We push ourselves to do our best – all the time and in everything. It’s time to turn off and take a break.

It’s very easy to find an excuse to not take time for yourself but, luckily for us, our Editor-in-Chief was insistent and booked us into the The Spa at Noosa Springs Resort & Spa for a Half Day Spa Escape; a whole 2.5 hours of utter bliss and most importantly, no technology.

After sipping our refreshing lime juice we are shown to our lockers where we store our bags and mobile phones and that is where they will stay until we return almost three hours later to get dressed. The first stop in our journey to relaxation is the hydrotherapy room where our bodies are pummeled into submission thanks to the powerful water jets.

We soaked and floated, allowing the water to wash away the stress and, seeing as we had the room to ourselves, we chatted and laughed for more than 45 minutes.

Soon, we made our way to the steam room to open those pores and detox the skin. The bravest amongst us jumped between the infrared sauna and blitz shower to really awaken the senses. The Half Day Spa Escape allows you to choose your relaxation – massage, facial or sugar scrub? The choice is yours and no matter which you decide, it will be absolute heaven for the next hour.

All four of us chose the full-body massage (because we’re getting older and groan when we stand). If you have never had a full-body massage, you have never known bliss. From the tips of your toes to your eyebrow bones, between your fingers and all along your back, every part is massaged and there is nothing quite like it.

Allow your mind to empty (and fall asleep as I did), forget about that long to-do list and sink into the feeling of bliss. There are no bings or blips to distract you, only the touch of your massage therapist and the beautiful sounds of trickling water. This was just what we needed – a place and time when we are forced to forget about the constant hum of the world around us.

We regroup in the aptly named Relaxation Lounge where we dine on delicious hummus and crackers and sip our refreshing berry juices. We share our experiences of our morning spent at The Spa and what we loved the most about it.

We wander to the lockers and slowly get dressed, fix our oil-drenched hair and apply moisturiser and before we know it, we’re making our way downstairs to have lunch in Noosa Springs’ Relish Restaurant and do you know, not one of us have stopped to check our phones.




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Jolene has worked in the local media industry for more than five years. She is now a small business owner, mother to one sassy toddler and a newborn baby and loves to share stories about Noosa from its glorious food scene to the inspiring people.

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