Spring Clean – Inspiration to Refresh Yourself

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As the seasons change and you feel driven to spring clean, you might catch your reflection in the mirror and realise there’s one thing you didn’t think about – you! Georgia Beard INspires you to refresh your mind, body and face for the new season.

Spring is the shrugging-off season. We’re crawling out of the cosy, all-consuming coat that is winter and hanging it up for the rest of the year. We’re discarding the hibernation junk we stockpiled and never used. We’re resetting our lives. But how often do we reset ourselves? 

We can’t just think about our homes and workspaces – our bodies could use some spring cleaning too. The seasonal shift is a chance to clear out the muck and mess that’s built up without us even realising. 

Maybe you’ve lingered in a bad headspace for too long and you don’t know how to leave. This can make it difficult to cope mentally with life’s demands and changes, whether you include COVID-19 in that list or not. 

Maybe the cold weather has kept you in bed rather than in the gym or on your morning jog. Pausing your physical health plan is understandable, but your body won’t benefit from a long-term indulgence. 

And the cooler months may have disrupted your beauty routine as well, leaving your self-esteem to feel the aftereffects. 

Your body is calling out for renewal, and it’s time to listen! 

When you need to improve your wellbeing, start with the mind. 

Holistic treatments can support your mental health by addressing the wellness of your whole being. Taking your brain and body into account, one new concept is the Noosa walk-and-talk therapy sessions by Cove Noosa which help you talk through your struggles while moving. Venturing outdoors frees you from confining walls, making room to open yourself up to nature – and the qualified therapist next to you. 

For less talkative treatments, try alternative medicines like naturopathy, acupuncture or oxygen therapy. All can stimulate healing throughout the body, reducing stress levels and symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Once you’ve put yourself back in the right mindset, you can turn your attention to your physical health. Noosa’s myriad of day spas rejuvenate your skin and muscular systems, imbuing your body with strength and flexibility. Try traditional top-to-toe massages, exfoliations and body wraps, or explore innovative treatments.

Infrared saunas penetrate deep into your joints and muscles, while float therapy uses magnesium to literally help you float into a meditative state. 

Looking good means feeling great, so focus on the face. Your next beauty treatment in Noosa could involve a cleansing facial, a spray tan or a lash lift and brow tint.

Don’t leave out your nails and skin, though. Mani-pedis, laser hair removal and non-invasive cosmetic injectables can lift your self-esteem to the level it should occupy. 

Read on for more great ideas to rejuvenate and refresh your body and mind for the fresh new season!

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