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In the quest for the best way to stay hydrated, fight the signs of ageing and address skin concerns, Katrina Thorpe shares what is super about serums.

There is a trend towards serums at the moment and for good reason – they are seriously the best addition to any skincare routine. 

A serum is usually a liquid or gel containing high concentrations of skin actives, which are able to penetrate deeper than other topical products. 

Serums are added into a skincare regime as specialised and tailored ingredients that absorb easily to provide a boost for individual needs to improve any skin concerns.

Organic or cosmeceutical serums all have a place in the market for consumers to decide what they prefer. Price wise, organic serums that are equal in quality are similar to cosmeceutical serums depending on brand and the type of serum you need.

The main reason behind an upward trend of skincare serums is the ability to personalise individual skincare by adding the appropriate serums to feed the skin and what it needs to improve tone, texture, hydration or correct a skin issue.

One thing we do know is the difference in skin after adding a serum is noticeable and that skincare with numerous ingredients in the one product are not as popular as they used to be. We have seen a big shift in interest from all-in-one products to a preference of more tailored products. Individual and personalised skincare is what customers want and therapists prefer to help clients by personalising the best options as they can add individual serums as required.

Cosmeceutical vitamin infusions are some of the most popular serums, designed to feed the skin with nutrients to help with cell rejuvenation. 

Vitamin A, the most popular anti-ageing serum, is applied at night to improve the health of your skin by reprogramming cellular function and providing nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Vitamin A is used for wound healing, reducing pigmentation, improving skin tone and adding hydration, all of which can decrease wrinkles. There are many different forms and you should seek advice from a skin consultant as to what best suits you. 

Vitamin B is the go-to serum because it is so versatile, easily absorbed deep in the layers of the skin where it does most of the work. Vitamin B helps to reduce redness, brighten the skin and correct the appearance of pigmentation. Vitamin B also improves skin texture, refines pore size and improves moisture retention levels in the skin. It is safe for everyone, even sensitive skin, but always seek advice from a skin consultant if you have problematic skin.

Vitamin C is said to be the key to improving dull, dark spots and pigmented skin. A brightening serum that offers a more-even skin tone. Additional benefits of vitamin C include boosting collagen production and protection against free radical damage. Vitamin C usually breaks down when it’s exposed to light or air so make sure you buy this in packaging that supports the integrity of the product. Again, seek advice from a skin consultant as to what best suits your skin.

Organic serums are usually plant-based and made with derivates from nature to provide high levels of active ingredients and usually combined in a serum to offer hydration and nutrient-rich products for improved skin benefits.

Serums combining organic plant-based actives in precious oils known for their synergy with skin are popular forms of organic serum. The added actives are drawn from intense plant extracts used for providing natural forms of vitamin A, B and C.

When trying a new skincare serum, introduce it slowly to your skin. For example, every second evening and if you have any reaction let your skin consultant know. Never feel bad about telling them if you have had a reaction or need to return a product as they are there to solve your skin requirements. 

Adding serums to your skincare routine assists with other products, you will use less moisturiser and see improved results in your skin. Serums are addictive when you feel and see the results. 

For best results, discuss your particular needs with your skin consultant.

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