The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company: The Great Canine Cleaner

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We are all keen on living clean and green. Carlie Wacker sniffs out a range of affordable, all-natural canine care products created by one of Australia’s oldest companies.

The story of The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company is a treasured part of our country’s history. In 1895, Anne McKean would hike kilometres in bushland near Bendigo in regional Victoria to collect eucalyptus leaves; she would boil them, scoop the oil from the top of the pot and bottle it. This would become her precious commodity to use to barter with travelling salesmen.

Five generations later, her great, great grandson Tony Taig continues the business of peddling the world’s strongest and purest eucalyptus oil products. It’s a story that conjures up a real sense of Aussie pride, and when you find out more about the eucalyptus tree it will inspire you to bring more of this native myrtle into your daily life.

The eucalyptus tree is the most sustainable in the world – rather than being uprooted, it is felled then regrows quickly, and it can do so in the harshest of environments. It sequesters carbon and the wood can be used to make all sorts of products.

“The same trees have been cut since 1895 to make The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company products,” Tony shares. “Every two years they are fully cut, and they grow again rapidly making eucalyptus harvesting one of the most sustainable businesses in the world.”

While eucalyptus oil has a million different uses and is the non-toxic option for cleaning the house, it’s the use in pet products that I wanted to explore. It turns out this multi-use miracle oil has some great benefits for our canine family members too.

“Eucalyptus oil is also a bug deterrent – an insecticide,” Tony explains. “So, we think it’s a really good way to clean your pup as it has a residual flea deterrent.”

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company All Natural Dog Wash is made using liquid Castille soap – the most natural soap you can get, made out of olive and coconut oil which is really good for your pup’s skin and coat.

They have added eucalyptus and peppermint oils as a natural flea and tick repellent – and it also smells divine.

The best way to maximise the benefits post-wash is to use the Pet Soap in conjunction with the Pet Bedding Laundry Wash. It again is made with a pure Castille soap, methylated spirits and Pure Blue Mallee Eucalyptus oil. The product promised to remove tough pet stains and odours and I will endorse that. I put the covers of my dogs’ beds in for a wash and they came out looking brand new and smelling better than I could have imagined.

To get the longest lasting effects of natural pest deterrent for your dog, wash them and the bedding in one hit. Honestly, your house will smell so clean and be completely disinfected and bug-free. With a puppy in training, I was interested in what products would be helpful in the clean-up after accidents.

“The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company Non-Toxic spray is really good for deodorising and cleaning up stains on carpets,” Tony shares. “It doesn’t contain soap so it will evaporate out of the carpet and it has a super strong scent which will deter dogs from returning to the scene of the crime.”

I used it on the carpet, tiles and artificial turf to deodorise and clean.

Keeping your fur family fresh and happy with clean, green Australian products is made easy with The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company.

I can even vouch for how clean and fresh we both felt after attempting to wash my crazy puppy Bazzil – no bugs
on me!

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company Canine Collection:

  • All Natural Dog Wash
  • Pet Bedding Laundry Wash
  • Non Toxic Spray
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