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Amanda Stevens discovers a facility dedicated to helping locals recover quickly and live longer.

Just a few years ago, the thought of having a cold shower or swimming at Main Beach during winter made me shudder.

Now, I willingly plunge into an ice-cold bath a few times a week and will my mind to stay in there, even when every cell in my body is calling at me to get out.

Here’s why:

The practice of heat therapy (saunas and steam rooms) and cold therapy (ice baths) has been around for centuries, but until a few years ago was almost exclusively part of the recovery protocols for elite athletes, sports teams and fitness enthusiasts.

In recent years, these modalities have become more accessible and people of all ages and fitness levels – myself included – are discovering the profound benefits of soaking in a cold pool of water.

I did my first ice bath about 18 months ago when a friend suggested I try it to aid recovery from running.

I was mildly sceptical but found the benefits were instant and significant. Aches and pains in my joints were noticeably reduced, recovery time was decreased, I had more energy and slept like a baby. I was hooked!

Then, in December 2023, TH7 opened in Noosa.

It’s nothing like any centre I’ve been to. It feels luxurious yet professional; an impeccably designed space where clients can seamlessly move from saunas and steam rooms to cold-therapy plunge pools, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and red-light therapy and compression treatments.

Co-founded by leading physiotherapist Greg Spurgin and Tom Harvey, a former Queensland Rugby 7s athlete,

TH7 is on a mission to provide everyday Australians access to the best recovery, wellness and longevity equipment available, and empower them to proactively manage their health and wellbeing.

According to Tom, the TH7 clientele is varied, well beyond fitness enthusiasts.

“Our facility is designed to welcome individuals from all walks of life – whether they’re everyday athletes, active retirees, weekend warriors or busy parents,” he says.

“It’s not just a space reserved for elite athletes; it’s a community where every client feels valued and supported.”

Tom says that the protocols that TH7 offers appeal to people’s desire to proactively manage and future-proof their health and wellness.

“By providing the same resources as professional teams, we empower individuals to prioritise their health now, rather than regretting missed opportunities in the future,” he said.

According to Tom, the popularity of TH7 is reflective of the increasing awareness and priority on longevity and health as we live longer.

“Our approach is centred on preventative health care,” he said.

“You only get one body, one brain and one heart, why not look after it the best you can?

“With modern medicine, there’s no doubt that the average lifespan will be extended, but what will the quality of life be at 90 years old?

“At TH7, we are focused on health span over lifespan: we want to help you feel your best for longer.”

This commitment and mission shines through in every aspect of the TH7 experience.

The team are welcoming and knowledgeable, and the facilities are world-class.

It almost makes the ice bath plunge fun. Almost.

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