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The Mojo Maker Nikki Fogden-Moore shares how the right mindset can be the creator of dreams and and how you can harvest it to achieve anything you really, truly want.

What stops us from really achieving what we want?

What makes the difference between setting goals and achieving them?

Three crucial steps: Clarity, Conviction and Consistency (aka ‘follow through’).

Step 1: Clarity: Dare to Define

First up: Get your Pizza Order right (a coaching tool of mine is to clearly define your pizza order and not keep messing with it once you’ve sent it off to the goal kitchen). Avoid finite thinking and just focus on the next right thing. Our goals and dreams evolve with us. Therefore:

  • Set your intent, make sure it resonates then chip away at it every single day.
  • What do I truly desire?
  • Why is this goal important to me?
  • What emotions and experiences am I seeking?

Your intent is more than just a goal. It’s a deep-rooted desire, a driving force that propels you forward.

By setting a powerful intent, you’re laying a foundation, ensuring that every step you take aligns with your core values and ultimate vision. The clearer the goal the better the outcome.

Step 2: Conviction: Back your goal.

Be really honest with yourself – don’t make a mood board or a big audacious goal if you’re not willing to follow through.

Be super clear on what it is you’re going after and be really aligned with why you want it:

  • Not a ‘sort-of’ goal.
  • Not someone else’s goal.
  • Not a fear-based FOMO or comparison goal.

A real – “100%, I can actually see and taste it” kinda goal.

It could be a financial, health and fitness goal, deeper relationship connection, a next level happiness, career, write a book, go travelling. Who knows? That’s up to you. But what I do know, is two things:

  1. Nothing beats clarity, consistency and commitment.
  2. You don’t always have to lose something to gain something.

I prefer to build on what you love and have done to date,  rather than a ‘this or that’ approach.

To unlock the “goal-to-reality-roadmap” it’s vital you get really clear on what you want and the fact you actually really want it.

That’s Clarity + Conviction. Then you’ve got to follow through:

Step 3: Consistency: The Magic happens here.

Ever wondered how tiny actions can lead to BIG transformations?  Micro Moments Create Radical Results. Ditch the big statements and grand gestures and chip away each day.

Here’s why:

A) Easier Tracking: Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, your path to success starts with setting clear, achievable intentions. Breaking your goals down into bite-sized tasks allows you to monitor your progress with precision. Every ticked box on your checklist reaffirms you’re heading in the right direction.

B) Boosted Motivation: Every tiny victory brings you closer to the grand prize. There’s no feeling quite like the rush of accomplishment, no matter how small the task. Every micro achievement acts as a shot of adrenaline to your motivation, urging you to march forward with renewed enthusiasm.

C) Consistent Progress: The beauty of micro moments lies in their manageability. No dream seems too vast, no task too colossal when approached one micro moment at a time. 

Don’t over complicate it and don’t binge goal set: If you get stuck on this then apply my 1% Rule. 

The 1% rule is to apply at least 15 minutes a day for 100 days on actions that are related to your goal; then review.

Just 1% effort a day x 100 days means 100% progress. Maths. 

The other fact: if you don’t follow through you won’t know if it works.

So to recap your spring success plan:

  • Choose something so simple and clear you won’t make excuses and find reasons not to. It needs to be bigger than the ‘why not’. Otherwise be honest and just remove it from your to-do list.
  • Think it, then ink it. Once you’ve done that, working on that particular success goal needs to be part of your daily routine and Winning Weeks©.

I don’t do ‘hope projects’.

  • Chip away at the tasks. If you really want something you need to be prepared to do the work.

Small, consistent steps can bring about life-altering change, setting you on a path to success, one micro moment at a time.   

This method ensures that you’re not just dreaming but doing – each day brings you closer to making your aspirations tangible.

My motto: Stepping stones make an amazing staircase.

Things are not finite and you can build on wherever you are right now. Nothing is lost.

This spring, choose something you really want to set yourself to achieve, get really clear, back the idea and then chip away with micro moments towards it.

Harnessing the power of follow through isn’t just about achieving goals; it’s about relishing the journey.

It’s the micro moments that make life rich, weaving together accomplishments, joys, and lessons and giving you the confidence to keep going as you see the results appear.

Stay open-minded. Stick to your own lane and trust your crazy ideas. Nothing is impossible. What we think about we bring about.

Find your mojo with free worksheets and more: www.nikkifogdenmoore.com

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