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At Vision Retreat, Georgia Beard discovers how Evoke Experiences awakens the desires for our lives with heart-opening wellness, connection and vision board creation. 

A group of (mostly) strangers emerge from tropical bushland and find ourselves in a secluded property reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa. 

A cool breeze floats over the pool’s surface and the patio doors of Bask el Sol slide open, welcoming us to the Evoke Experiences’ Vision Retreat.

As we wake ourselves up with organic tea and juice from Jungle & Co, we begin to connect with one another.

Whether guests have travelled from local, interstate or overseas, we’ve all gathered to help visualise our path forward in life. As a 21-year-old fresh out of university, the world had unfurled before me, and I desired to uncover my vision for the next few years.

Emily Mills, founder of Evoke Experiences and the facilitator of the retreat, soon steps us through the intentions of the Vision Retreat.

Over the next few hours, we’ll immerse in heart-opening yoga and meditation; indulge in soul food, massage and relaxation; seek inspiration through a watercolour lettering workshop with IN Noosa Magazine’s past cover artist Cass Deller; and create our own vision board.

Vision Retreat is just a taste of the inspiring wellness-focused retreats curated by Evoke Experiences that can be enjoyed by private or corporate groups.

Emily’s inspiration for this theme came from her love of intention setting through vision board creation and her desire to share the experience with others.

“If you have the time to delve deep and open the body, open the heart and open the mind through movement and meditation, you’ll be able to get out of your head and create a vision board with great clarity and connection,” she says.

“If you are intentionally living life and working towards a vision, then you’re going to call in things that will align with you, fill your tank and your heart.”

From creating theatre restaurants for her family as a child to working as a private chef on superyachts; and managing national festivals like Noosa Triathlon, Emily has always been a curator of experiences.

Eight years ago, she recognised a gap in the market for bespoke, high-end corporate events and premium regional experiences and established Beyond Experiences in Noosa.

When the world shifted focus to wellness during the pandemic, she merged her knowledge of corporate and luxury event management with her passion for holistic wellness to create Evoke Experiences.

“We seek to create extraordinary experiences for corporate groups, luxury travellers and wellness seekers while also showcasing beautiful destinations and taking the stress out of event organisation,” she says.

Emily’s intention for the Vision Retreat was to evoke our senses through wellness practices so that we could discover our own unique vision.

First, she guides us through an invigorating hour of yoga to ground us and connect us with our bodies, minds and hearts. 

It helps me forget the demands of day-to-day living and instead remember my own needs.

After a morning tea of fresh fruit platters and chia puddings, we settle in for Cass Deller’s watercolour workshop.

Her techniques free me from my creative inhibitions until I’m left with a watercolour phrase to encapsulate my vision board: Answer the calling.

Next, the group connects over an organic lunch of rainbow wraps, red lentil falafels, zucchini noodle salad and red cabbage, beetroot and tahini salad before indulging in R&R.

I open my Evoke journal and reflect on the lifelong dreams I’ve yearned to chase before visiting the pool house for a blissful massage – rewarding myself after spending time in contemplation.

The formal part of the day concludes with a guided meditation, prompting rather than forcing my vision to surface.

After listening to my desires for my life and unlocking inspiration, I’m able to let my creativity loose on the vision board. 

I cut and paste from magazines, layering craft materials and watch my vision manifest itself exactly as I’d hoped – one of travel, cultural immersion and creative pursuits. 

“If you invest in your health and wellness, all other areas of your life are going to flourish and fall into place,” Emily says. 

“In the corporate wellness space, it’s important for teams to come together and embrace holistic tools and modalities to make them more physically, mentally and emotionally well.

“If they are living healthy lifestyles personally, they’re going to be a lot more productive and thriving in the workplace.

“Imagine nourishing your team for three days with yoga, clean food, inspirational speakers, creativity and business sessions. 

“That movement, nourishment and mindfulness will bring the team closer and increase business morale.”

When designing retreats for wellness seekers, corporate teams or private groups, Evoke Experiences draws upon a vast network of premium suppliers and venues to deliver a premium tailored package. 

The result is an outward and inward journey of transformation, one we only experience when we create space for it.

Thanks to the experience, I’m looking forward to achieving my vision with a renewed clarity and purpose.


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