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Amanda Stevens unlocks the Fountain of Youth by delving into some of the trends toward living well and living longer.

Noosa is known for many things: stunning beaches, breathtaking coastlines and national parks, and a vibrant, world-class culinary scene. But it’s also becoming the epicentre of healthy living and a magnet for those pursuing a lifestyle of fitness and wellness. It does, after all, host the world’s largest Olympic-distance triathlon.

Take a closer look and those on a mission to be the healthiest version of themselves are no longer just running the National Park, swimming Laguna Bay, cycling to the Hinterland and consuming more green juices than the rest of us.

The science of health and wellness is evolving. From new data on the impacts of certain lifestyle choices, cutting-edge fitness technologies to new supplement innovations and even the rediscovery of ancient mindfulness practices, here are some of the latest trends that are shaping the future of longevity.

1. Personalised Nutrition

The age-old adage “you are what you eat” has taken on a new meaning in the era of personalised nutrition. No longer satisfied with generic dietary advice, some are turning to advanced technologies and genetic testing to unlock the secrets of their unique nutritional needs. By analysing genetic markers, lifestyle factors and health goals, personalised nutrition programs create tailored meal plans that optimise nutrient intake and promote overall wellness. Whether it’s optimising performance for elite athletes or managing chronic conditions through diet, personalised nutrition offers a bespoke approach to nourishment that is empowering people to take control of their health through customisation.

2. It’s Cool to be Sober

In case you hadn’t noticed, more and more people are saying no to alcohol and, increasingly, the social stigma once attached to being a teetotaller is evaporating. From concerns about liver health to the impact on mental clarity and overall vitality, many are choosing to prioritise their long-term wellness over short-term indulgence.

According to Carl Hartmann, the Noosa-based co-founder of leading non alcoholic spirit brand Lyres, this trend is being led by younger demographics – “In fact, 25 to 30% of people aged 18 to 30 are completely alcohol-free,” he said.

Since Lyres was launched in 2019, it’s grown exponentially and now boasts a range of 13 premium spirit alternatives in a global market. The brand just announced a partnership with David Guetta, the world’s number one DJ as the global ambassador, along with distribution in some of the biggest nightclubs in Ibiza and Las Vegas.

Carl says the ‘conscious consumption’ trend and demand for high-quality alcohol alternatives is continuing to surge as consumers seek a premium experience for the health and wellness benefits but without the calories of traditional mocktails.

3. Digital Detoxification

In an age of constant connectivity and information overload, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of regular ‘digital detoxing’.

Excessive screen time, social media use, and digital distractions have been linked to a host of health issues, including anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. It involves unplugging from electronic devices, setting boundaries around screen time, and prioritising real-world experiences. Whether it’s taking a digital detox retreat, practicing mindfulness or simply spending time in nature, unplugging from the digital world allows us to reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us.

According to digital wellbeing and performance expert Dr Kristy Goodwin, a healthier, more balanced relationship with our phones and other tech makes for a healthier mind and body.

“Research shows, for example, that when we disconnect from screens an hour before bed, the quality and quantity of sleep we get increases significantly,” she says.

4. Go Slow and be Mindful

You could argue that being in Noosa is a great stress reducer, but other modalities that help with stress reduction and overall mental wellness are on the rise, as the research continually demonstrates that relaxed, happy people tend to live longer. Which might explain the popularity of Pilates studios and an increased focus on meditation.

5. Recovery Therapies

The recovery therapy trend, encompassing saunas, ice baths and oxygen chamber treatments was once the exclusive domain of professional athletes, sports teams and fitness enthusiasts. Now, it’s more mainstream, with people of all ages making recovery treatments an integral part of their wellness routine and proactive approach to health. According to Tom Harvey, the co-founder of the new TH7 Recovery Centre in Noosa, the wellness industry is undergoing a significant shift.

“We’re moving away from short-term benefits towards a focus on long-term health and longevity,” he says.

Tom adds that the TH7 approach, which incorporates saunas, cold and warm water therapy, compression treatments and oxygen pods, is attracting a diverse clientele, spanning from late teens to late 80s.

“What brings them together is a common goal: to improve their health and wellbeing, each in their own way,” he said.

With access to amazing facilities, fresh produce and a stunning natural environment in a dedicated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, surely Noosa is destined to join the ‘Blue Zones’ where people live exceptionally long lives.

That’s a trend worth following.

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