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Why Your Backyard is a Hot Asset

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A properly designed garden not only makes your home a haven, but as Pete Goodlet discovers, it can add real value at resale time.

“Woohoo that’s one hot asset!” Now, this is just what you want your neighbours to shout out when they see your newly renovated garden. After all, we should all be proud of our hottest asset! 

Gardens that not only complement but enhance the façade of your home create a fantastic first impression. It is well known in the world of real estate that a beautiful, well-designed garden can add as much as up to 10 to 20 percent resale value to your home. So just how do we get your asset into tip-top shape?

We start with observation. Does your garden suit the style of your home? Modernist homes require a sleek minimalist look. Tropical homes are brought to life when surrounded by lush colourful foliage, water features and Asian-inspired accents such as pebbles and carved stone features. 

If your home is lacking architectural flair it often helps to paint the whole façade in a deep stone or dark colour making the garden the star of the show. 

A well-designed garden can truly distract from a ‘plain Jane’ home. Plants and features absolutely pop against dark colours. Picture Heliconia Hot Rio Nights jumping out with tropical delight against a dark backdrop! Your home can go from plain to alluring with the addition of a stunning garden.

After observation comes design. Consider the layout, access points, privacy (one of the most sought-after features of a garden and home) and outlook. Create a wishlist of features and functions you wish to add.

Patios and decks add instant extra liveability and extend your entertaining space. Don’t skimp on the size of this area. Consider it an outside living area and allow room to relax and entertain. Paving should complement your interior flooring, especially if it leads straight off the living area. One option is to use a matte external version of the stone or tiles used internally. Firepits are very hot
(pun intended) right now, fostering the romance of cosy nights by firelight as the stars flicker above. Open fires are also the perfect companion to a good red wine.

Storage is also a major necessity in all gardens. The humble shed is much sought after by buyers and homeowners alike. Everyone has something they’d like to hide but a shed does not have to be the ubiquitous tin box standing in the back corner and painted in shades of green never actually seen in nature. New slimline storage facilities with roller doors can be hidden behind a rendered or stone clad wall that becomes a feature in itself. This wall can highlight a zen-like water feature or provide the perfect backdrop to a stunning sculpture. 

earth creation landscape

Paths are essential. Even though we picture Noosa bathed in perpetual sunlight we have to admit it rains. Sometimes it rains and rains. Soggy lawns do not a pleasant path make! The more a path is used the more direct it needs to be. It is no good weaving a path seductively down one side of the garden if regularly used areas are across the other side of the lawn. Smart planning is essential. 

Once you’ve listed and found space for your essentials it’s time to explore the wishlist. Raised vegetable garden beds are high on the list, even more so in these unusual times. Try to find a sunny spot to pop in some herbs, vegies and salad greens. 

A swimming pool may not be quite as useful as a vegie garden but at the height of summer it is a joy to behold. Spas and plunge pools are a more economical and space saving alternative. Add heating to ensure year-round useability. An outdoor shower nearby will also get a lot of use.

With so many things to consider, an excellent option is to contact Stuart at Earth Creation Landscapes and have his professional team create a garden that not only enhances your biggest asset but enhances your everyday living. They are experts in design, construction, maintenance and even restoring a neglected or overlooked patch of space.

Then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your asset as it becomes the hottest property in the neighbourhood!


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