Recipe: Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio

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Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio with Celeriac, Cucumber, Capers and Nasturium

-raw food-

Serves 4


• 500gm fresh yellowfin tuna, sliced into 2-3mm slices

• 1 cup celeriac, finely shredded and soaked in iced water for 15 minutes

• 1 Lebanese cucumber, finely sliced and soaked in iced water for 15 minutes

• 1 golden shallot, finely sliced

• 2 tbs small capers

• 1 bunch watercress

• 20 small nasturtium leaves

• 50ml white wine vinegar

• 50ml extra virgin olive oil

• 1 tsp whole seed mustard

• salt and pepper


Whisk together the vinegar, mustard and olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Lay the tuna slices over a large platter to cover the whole surface and drizzle with the vinaigrette. Scatter over the shredded celeriac, cucumber slices, shallots, capers, cress and nasturtium leaves.

“Carpaccio” is a dish created at Harry’s Bar in Venice for a customer who was advised by her doctor not to eat cooked meat. The chefs made a dish of finely sliced raw beef simply dressed and named it after Vittore Carpaccio, a Venetian painter whose work featured reddish hues. Using yellowfin tuna gives the same beautiful bright red effect.

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