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A smiling set of shiny brights is the universal way to show others that you’re happy but practicing good oral hygiene does more than maintain a beautiful smile. As Courtney Alderson discovers, investing in your smile is worth everything.

Set back from the road, halfway down a quaint laneway in Noosa Junction, you’ll find a light and bright dental practice that’s as welcoming as they come. 

From the moment you step inside Chris Burton Dental, there’s an instant warmth. You’re greeted by dental nurse Leigh like she’s known you forever, and you’re introduced to well-known local, Dr Chris Burton, who also happens to own XO restaurant and bottle shops.

Regulars banter with staff like old friends and adults come in with their children because Chris is the dentist they saw as a kid. It’s vibrant, it’s happy, it’s a family. 

Leigh was born to be a dental nurse. In fact she’s never wanted to do anything else in her career of more than 30 years; 25 of them spent working with Chris.

“I’ve been interested in dental nursing since I was at school and I started working at Noosa Junction Dental the day it opened in 1981. Chris started around 1993 and he’s not got rid of me since. I just love my job,” Leigh laughs.

As a strong family practice, the compassionate and friendly team will make you feel at home. Every aspect of your appointment is designed with comfort and personalised care in mind. And, your health is a priority too.

“We are committed to helping our patients navigate any obstacles that may keep them from achieving excellent dental health,” said the newest addition to the team, Dr Matthew Speed.

“The health of your mouth can effectively be a mirror to the condition of your body as a whole. So for me, it’s not just about fixing the problem, it’s also about offering advice to my patients, as well as, connecting them to other health professionals within the community who can potentially help to achieve better oral health,” he said.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s city life and lockdowns Matthew, Bec and their three kids made the bold move to the Sunshine Coast. 

“We packed up our life in six weeks,” Matthew said. “We called it ‘Operation Ripcurl’.

“We had come out of lockdown, both Bec and I weren’t able to work, the kids couldn’t go to school; we were totally committed to our sea change.” 

A chance meeting with a mutual friend resulted in Matthew becoming the newest dentist in the chair, (pun intended). And there’s no surprises why. 

Spend an hour or two with him and you’ll gain an understanding of his dedication to his craft.

“I have always been fascinated with pulling things apart and rebuilding them,” he said. 

“Ever since I was a small child I have enjoyed fixing toys and machines and putting them back together, so it’s no surprise that I chose a profession in which I can continue that same passion.”

After completing studies at Sydney University, graduating in 1991 with first-class honours, Matthew has spent more than 20 years on a journey of continuous learning.

“I have continued to study, read and learn practical craft from some of the masters of the profession, as well as regularly attending seminars and workshops,” he said.

“Dentistry is much like art. I try to find that balance of art and science and consider the implications of how they can work because I understand that both function and beauty are important to my patients.”

With a special interest in smile and bite remodelling, Matthew uses a wide range of restorative procedures to create natural, alluring smiles.

“I get great satisfaction and pleasure in creating beautiful, artistic restorations of teeth,” he said. 

“I strive for excellence when working with my patients so that they can walk away feeling confident and happy.

“I care about my patients’ general and dental health and I treat them as I would a friend.”

Whether you want a brighter smile, healthier gums, or straighter teeth, the Chris Burton Dental team are there to help you take control of your dental health and provide the best dental care for you.

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