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Accidental Designer: Mensroom’s Glenda Brownlow

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Glenda Brownlow never intended to enter the fashion industry but now, more than 20 years after selling her first designs at the local markets, Mensroom Clothing and Accessories is the go-to for stylish, comfortable and affordable men’s fashion.

Glenda’s first foray into the world of fashion was in the 80s when she managed a women’s fashion store in Double Bay, Sydney. She never dreamed of a career within the industry but now, all these years later, Glenda’s forged a reputation as one of the region’s leading designers for men’s fashion.

“It was through a change of circumstances that I found myself in fashion. I would never say I set out to be in that industry,” Glenda explains. “I saw an opening in the market and followed it.”

It was a chance meeting with a couple from India that led Glenda to discover a world of beautiful fabrics, unique designs and fashion styles that she still incorporates into her ranges.

“I had a real love for yoga and visiting India. In fact, I still have that same love and visit India regularly,” Glenda says.

It wasn’t long before Glenda had learnt the basics of design and manufacturing. Eager to start her own line, she set off on the journey to the creation of Cottonworx, a leading men’s fashion label designed right here in Noosa.

“The Indian couple introduced me to a manufacturer and that is the same manufacturer I use today,” Glenda reveals.

“In that time, my manufacturer has become very huge working with brands such as French Connection. But, because we’ve been working together since the 90s, I have stayed on with him even though my account is small in comparison. I’m lucky to work directly with him.”

Cottonworx Glenda Brownlow In Noosa

Mensroom by Cottonworx offers men a stylish solution to comfortable dressing. With a range of cotton and cotton/linen blend shorts, shirts and pants, it’s easy to be comfortable and look good.

Glenda’s designs are timeless, rarely prescribing to trends in an effort to make sure the range appeals to a wide range of buyers.

“I focus on good quality fabrics and classic design rather than trends,” shesays. “My pieces are the kind that people wear for years. They become the wardrobe favourites.

“Women’s fashion is always changing, whereas men’s fashion for me is all about the fabrics and the feel of the clothing.”

When it comes to dressing men, Glenda says it’s about choosing pieces that fit their lifestyle.

“I look at the type of person he is and the type of lifestyle that he lives. I try to get him involved by showing him some outfits and letting him try it on to see how comfortable he feels,” she says.

“Most men always come back to get some more pieces because they love them so much!”

To complement the fashion, Glenda also sources unique gifts and accessories from hats and bags; cufflinks, bow ties and jewellery; to antique and retro-inspired gifts or grooming products, Mensroom is all about… well, the man!

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