Autumn Fashion Is All About Family

Image source: Photographer Paul Smith

Our days are shorter, our evenings more crisp, the sun hangs seemingly lower in the sky. The heady days and excitement of summer abate, and we, as sentient beings, absorb subconsciously what Mother Nature is telling us – that it is time for quiet, for family, for taking stock of what really matters.

Our mood settles, a gentle urge to go within, both metaphorically and in body, returns. Our thoughts drift naturally towards hearth and home. As our focus narrows, we yearn for togetherness, warmth and inclusion. The season changes, and we change with it, as is the natural order.

This Autumn we rejoice in the comfort of family, legacy, tradition and the joy of coming together and preparing our repast. Each generation influences the next as we explore the age-old undertaking of passing down secret heirloom recipes, of preparing meals together in a trusted familial space.

We return to our heritage, our home, and our culture; starting our evening with shared food, conviviality and ease, and ending it with the pleasure of music that moves and inspires. In the same way, as we naturally require more substantial attire, we start to dress in a more structured, trusted and enveloping manner.

Cosy natural fibres, classic cuts and the dependability of tried and true silhouettes draw us in. Treasured pieces of jewellery with heritage and provenance begin to entice us once more.

ABOVE Shop The Look: Leslie wears Ruffle Dress from ZEPHYR, Noosaville; earrings from SOUL SANCTUARY, Peregian Beach, Ph. 5448 3588; Scarf from ELLA & SUNDAY, Noosaville, ph. 5455 5656; Shoes from FEET FIRST FOOTWEAR, Noosa Heads, Ph. 5447 2211; Elk bag from STITCH PIECE LOOP, Noosa Junction; Sunglasses from HAMMOND OPTOMETRY, Nambour, Ph. 5476 2333; Bangles from RESART DESIGNS,

Our family of three returns home after a visit to the Sunday market, fresh produce procured for a feast later that day. The mother is elegant in a floral asymmetric frock, leather outerwear, ruby red shoes and a felt hat. The father is attired boldly in a raspberry blazer, checked trousers, jaunty bow tie and matching trilby, while the young lady keeps it casual in a soft tie-dye sweater, denim mini and a creamy camel ankle bootie. After a busy week, it’s time now for togetherness, comfort and home.

CHRIS wears hat, bow tie, wristlet and suede travel bag from MENSROOM, Noosa Heads and Peregian Beach, Ph. 0497 873 167; Sunglasses from HAMMOND OPTOMETRY, Nambour, Ph. 5476 2333; Shirt and pants from CONNOR, Noosa Civic Shopping Centre, Ph. 3478 9443; Blazer and leather shoes from MOFO MEN’S APPAREL; Baguette bag from WEAVER GREEN, Noosaville, Ph. 5231 9805. LESLEY wears hat by BOHEMIAN SUNDAYS; Sunglasses by OPTIONS EYECARE, Noosaville, Ph. 5473 0008; Earrings and bracelet from COCO & BLISS; Leather jacket and dress from HUSK; Shoes from WHO INVITED HER; Clutch by PANDANUS CULTURE, Noosaville, Ph. 0438 990 404. ELLIE wears earrings by TRES NOOSA, Noosa Junction, Ph. 0422 927 700; Sweater and shoes from BIG W, Noosa Civic Shopping Centre, Ph. 5343 2100; Skirt from NOOSA JUNIORS; Sunglasses from HAMMOND OPTOMETRY, Nambour, Ph. 5476 2333; Necklace by NOOSA COLLECTIVE; String bag from OKANUI, Noosa Heads, Ph. 5447 4054; White lantern from GIBSONS NOOSA, Ph. 5474 1111.


An age-old Italian tradition – the passing down of trusted family recipes and cooking techniques from generation to generation. The father shares his pasta-making secrets as he teaches the young lady how to roll the perfect gnocchi, mix the lightest dough and cut the fettuccini for the evening meal. He is practically dressed in a smart polo shirt, whilst she dons a deep red scoop neck top and a reversible hand printed mini skirt. The matriarch surveys the scene in stretch leather trousers, the palest of pink silk blouses, a deep merlot beaded handbag and butter-soft black ankle boots.

CHRIS wears polo shirt by RALPH LAUREN. LESLEY wears earrings by ELLA & SUNDAY; Silk blouse by WHO INVITED HER; Stretch leather pants and bag from HUSK; Black leather boots from DIANA’S OF NOOSA; Wooden bead bracelet from STITCH PIECE LOOP; Jewelled bracelet and scarf from PANDANUS CULTURE. ELLIE wears earrings from COCO & BLISS; Top and black shoes from BIG W; Reversible skirt by BOOM SHANKAR.


Mother and daughter share the pleasant task of setting a resplendent table as stories and intimacies are shared, bonding the two through the ritual of domestic life. The young lady favours ballet pink, while the mother cocoons herself in fur-trimmed cashmere, her ensemble simple, save this incredible piece.

LESLEY wears earrings and necklace from PANDANUS CULTURE; Silk camisole by WHO INVITED HER; Jeans and fur trimmed cardigan from HUSK; Clutch from PANDANUS CULTURE; Shoes from CLO STUDIOS; Bag from SOULSONG. ELLIE wears sweater and jeans from BIG W, NOOSA CIVIC SHOPPING CENTRE; Shoes from FEET FIRST FOOTWEAR; Earrings from PANDANUS CULTURE. TABLE Placemats and shell candle holder from UNWIND BY DESIGN; Pink ceramic dish and blue coral from COCO & BLISS; Tribal candle from TRES NOOSA; Dinnerset, cutlery, glassware, tablecloths and pink linen napkins from GIBSONS HOMEWARES.


To table: all three family members honour the occasion by dressing for dinner. He wears a pale pink dress jacket, light blue shirt and his favourite bow tie as he gallantly pulls out the mother’s chair. The young lady is fresh and comfortable in a red and white striped cotton shirt dress and sweet white sandals while the mother looks and feels her best in a tiered black and cream full-length lace-trimmed gown, her feet snugly encased in high heeled leather mules. A trio of stone bracelets, unique earrings and a showstopping cocktail ring add sparkle. Time to dine!

CHRIS wears jacket and pants from CONNOR, NOOSA CIVIC SHOPPING CENTRE; Shirt and bow tie from MENSROOM; Shoes from FEET FIRST FOOTWEAR. LESLEY wears cicada earrings from SLOW CARTEL; Bracelet from SOULSONG; Ring by AUBREY GEMS; Dress by WHO INVITED HER; Clutch from PANDANUS CULTURE; Mules by READY OR NOT. ELLIE wears earrings from SLOW CARTEL; Shirt dress from NOOSA JUNIORS; Bracelet from TRES NOOSA; Clutch from SOULSONG; Shoes from BIG W, NOOSA CIVIC SHOPPING CENTRE. TABLE Placemats and shell candle holder from UNWIND BY DESIGN; Pink ceramic dish and blue coral from COCO & BLISS; Tribal candle from TRES NOOSA; Dinnerset, cutlery, glassware, tablecloths and pink linen napkins from GIBSONS NOOSA.


Now it’s the young lady’s time to shine. She takes her place at the cello, works her way through warmup, and delights her parents with a post-dinner concert at home. Again, family meets cultural tradition as the strains of Bach, Vivaldi and Beethoven fill the familial space. The young lady wears a fine lace blouse and matching boots and velvet skirt in deep crimson. Gold sequin harem pants and a white English lace (broderie anglaise) blouse is the evening dress of choice for the mother, dad wears a bold combination of pink and black as they sip on a glass of fine red and enjoy the timeless melodies of the classical music. This Autumn evening belongs to this beautiful family, and to all.

CHRIS wears shirt and trousers from OKANUI; Tie and jacket from CONNOR, NOOSA CIVIC SHOPPING CENTRE; Shoes from FEET FIRST FOOTWEAR. LESLEY wears Broderie Anglaise blouse by WHO INVITED HER; Sequin harem pant from FLANNEL; Studded slide from FEET FIRST FOOTWEAR; Earrings and cocktail ring from AUBREY GEMS. ELLIE wears lace blouse by NOOSA JUNIORS; Bracelet and earrings by TRES NOOSA; Red velvet skirt and boot from BIG W, NOOSA CIVIC SHOPPING CENTRE. HOMEWARES Pink floral cushion and throw by UNWIND BY DESIGN; Raspberry velvet throw by ZEPHYR; Striped cushion and throw by WEAVER GREEN; Pink ceramic dish and blue coral from COCO & BLISS; Light balls in white and silver from GIBSONS NOOSA.



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