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It’s not about having time – it’s about making time. Carlie Wacker has discovered how to make time for wellness in our busy lives at a magical wellness studio in Noosa.

Kids, family, dogs, cats, partners, sport, work – we are so busy making sure everyone is healthy, happy (and surviving) that we sometimes forget to prioritise our own wellbeing. That’s where the new Alchemy365 program at Revival Wellness Studio Noosa has changed my opinion on being able to fit it all in! This is a solution for busy people that have every excuse in the book not to exercise or have a facial. 

New Revival Wellness Studio owner Teena Ingram knows this conundrum all too well after a career in corporate roles, starting a family overseas and returning home with a husband, kid and a container full of belongings. She found her calling to dive deep into a world of wellness and the universe presented her with an established wellness studio in Noosa looking for a new owner. 

Learning to live life in a space that puts self before others is a learning curve but through her new venture Teena discovered that it is totally achievable and now wants us all to adopt her philosophy in 2022 to “CHOOSE YOU”!

With a revived sense of purpose, a heart full of love and a team driven to help, Revival Wellness Studio has transformed into a magical little escape designed with clients in mind. A place to exercise, relax, nap or be pampered – it’s a warm and safe place to spend time on YOU. 

Owner Teena says “We have launched a year-round wellness concept which is a monthly membership so everybody can benefit from all the different therapies and treatments available at Revival Wellness Studio. 

“Alchemy365 is a bespoke membership program designed specifically for each client and is always changing as staff react to what the individual needs at that time,” she said. “For a set cost per month, you can access every element of the studio as many times as you like with no additional fees. How much or how little you use is up to you and the experienced staff that will guide you on your wellness journey. The bespoke part is the magic potion – a personally tailored and always adapting treatment plan made especially for you.” 

The studio and membership program includes state-of-the-art equipment like the Airpod Hydroxy – a low grade hypobaric chamber that takes you to 1.35 bars below sea level causing the body to rush oxygen to your cells. The chamber also has a hydrogen jet to increase uptake of oxygen in the cells by up to 30%. This serves to regenerate cells giving us longevity, youthful energy, increased focus and pain relief.

Cool Body Fat Freezing is the newest machine on the block which targets stubborn pockets of fat to wash out through the lymphatic system. 

Everybody’s favourite machine at Revival Wellness is the Papilio Fat Burning walkers and cycles – a super space-age pod which vacuum seals you in while you move. It heats to 50 degrees plus the infrared light increases fat burning during exercise. So, you gently work up a sweat but burn more calories without putting stress on joints. 

Revival Wellness also offers Endermologie for firming, toning and reshaping the body. Plus, the increased circulation kickstarts your wellness journey; and the Detox Box is also at your disposal. This infrared sauna has many benefits including assisting with weight control and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It detoxifies heavy metals and chemicals and eases the symptoms of menopause. Another favourite is the Dome Sauna which I like to refer to as a ‘relaxing dome of healing and happiness’. 

Emsculpt is also on offer for those looking to sculpt the body with its electromagnetic pulses that stimulate the muscles to trigger past muscle memory and deeply improve tone and strength. 

As you can see, there are a broad range of treatments all aimed at a reviving your body and addressing areas of concern.

So, with the body and mind taken care of, your membership also includes access to all the beauty treatments you desire using Dermalogica products. Therapist Steph has been a beauty therapist for over 20 years and her part of this wellness party is focused on the face. 

“We adapt treatments to what your skin needs on the day you come in,” she says. “We use traditional facial techniques as well as technology such as LED Light Therapy and HIFU (a high-intensity focused ultrasound) which is known as a non-surgical facelift. It builds collagen gradually to treat ageing skin on the face, neck and decolletage.”

Wellness inside and out is the secret to happiness. Choosing YOU is also choosing to bring your best self forward to manage family, work and life in general. Clearly the ladies at Revival Wellness Studio love what they do – they even adapt opening hours to suit clients. So, what are you waiting for? Time to make 2022 the year of YOU!

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