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Natural ingredients and a bona fide zen zone make Day Spa Noosa the ideal escape from the frantic pace of everyday life. Christina Cannes discovers the magic of the signature treatment at this heavenly oasis in Noosaville. 

Tucked away on Thomas Street, an unassuming staircase led me into a world removed from the busyness of everyday life. As soon as I stepped inside Day Spa Noosa my worries dissolved and the only thing, I needed to consider was which comfy chair I could melt into. Luscious ferns, tropical plants and macramé fill the spaces around the spa giving it a grounded, earthy feel.  

The vibe is soothing, calm, soft and incredibly caring with co-owners Sammi and Shannen tending to my every need and desire. A glass wall looks out to a spacious, plant-lined patio with views of Thomas Street and the river. It’s the perfect place for a glass of champagne and a pedicure.  

 As Shannen led me into the specially-prepared room for their signature treatment (a foot soak, massage and facial), we chatted about my skin and how she could best help me, already making me feel special and proving that my treatment would be individually tailored. My moment of bliss started off with a luxurious foot soak while I wrapped myself in the softest faux-fur robe.  

Once my feet were warmed, rubbed and washed, I moved onto the table for a massage focusing on my legs, hips, lower back, shoulders and neck – all my trouble spots. I requested a firm rub, which Shannen happily delivered, and I officially melted, letting the tension drop away as the stress and worry dissolved from my tense muscles. The oil Shannen used, a signature Day Spa Noosa blend, was light and lovely, and absorbed into my skin leaving it soft and hydrated.  

After the massage, I turned over for my facial. Day Spa Noosa uses only Pevonia products, a natural-ingredient derived line based on plant and marine formulas. Pevonia is found in high-end spas worldwide and was created by a French dermatologist over three decades ago. They also stock vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic Sienna nail polish from Byron Bay.  

To determine my tailored treatment, Shannen inspected and then tested my skin’s elasticity, hydration and sensitivity. Using only Pevonia, she started with an all skin type cleanser to remove my make-up and then followed with a hydrating combination toner. Next, she painted on a pineapple and papaya infused peeling cream, that smelled as fresh as it felt, to brighten my complexion.  

 After the peel, she applied a green apple brightening mask to further care for some pigmentation on my forehead and cheeks which, like the peel, smelled sweet and juicy. As she massaged my scalp and décolletage, we chatted about skin care and how misleading anti-ageing products can be (she prefers to refer to those products as age management) and how she often sees clients with over exfoliated and dehydrated skin.  

After removing the mask, Shannen applied a ginkgo biloba eye gel and a balancing combination cream to my face and neck. To finish, she smoothed on a hydrating sun screen with reflective ingredients titanium and zinc.  

As I reluctantly rolled my now limber body off the bed, I felt refreshed, renewed and had a newfound sense of appreciation for my skin and how better to care for its combination needs and pigmentation. Not only is Day Spa Noosa passionate about natural products and working with the client’s skin or condition, but they also try to match therapists with the client. They believe the therapist should complement the client and having staff who understand and empathise with the client’s needs and expectations is as important to the process as the products used in every treatment.  

 According to Sammi and Shannen, since opening three years ago, they have a loyal group of regulars and many spa-converts which even include men. The collapsible walls in the treatment rooms create space for hens parties and other groups of up to six. The tub and shower room can also accommodate couples. It’s a popular place on weekends, with clients spilling out onto the patio, encouraged to stay for as long as they would like.  

I left Day Spa Noosa with bright, glowing skin and instructions from Shannen to avoid exfoliation for the next week. According to Shannen, less is more, especially if you use quality products like Pevonia. We lead busy lives, constant coming and going leaving us scattered and in our heads, floating around in a haze of chaos. Stepping out onto Thomas Street, I felt more grounded, connected to my body and my feet were planted firmly on the earth.  

If you really want to indulge, try their autumn special, the top-to-toe ritual. It’s a decadent two-hour treatment that includes warm compressions, a hand and foot ritual, rejuvenating back scrub, antioxidant- enriched facial and full body massage. Like their regulars, you won’t want to leave. 

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