Fashion: Sultry Summer

Image source: Photographer Ian Waldie

The hot, heady halcyon days of high summer are here. This season we channel the unforgettable feeling of first love, that unmistakable feeling of boundlessness and hope.

We escape to a lush, secluded tropical paradise that will seduce and sharpen the senses, rendering all else mute. This season, we unleash our inner castaway and revel in both immutable memories of our bittersweet first love and the bewitching ever-present allure of our beloved Laguna Bay, our own Blue Lagoon.

Long bronzed limbs are gently swathed in the softest natural fibres, sun-kissed skin supports the burnished glow of precious stones, and sleek swimwear is layered underneath featherlight separates and dresses.

Muted tones present in nature, pair harmoniously with the brighter hues of our tropical surrounds. Beautifully crafted clothing is worn with a new sensitivity to temperature and place, disregarding sartorial norms of yore.

The classic 90s slip dress is modernised with the use of tactile, natural pieces for her; whilst he embraces the tribal custom of donning a sarong as trousers, whilst remaining current with pristine shirting in crisp colour and form. Relaxed elegant footwear underscores our effortless summer style, whilst accessories play a subtle yet glamourous role in elevating a luxe beachcomber aesthetic to that of enduring timelessness.

In the cooler moments of the evening, more structured pieces voluptuously shape and enhance the silhouette, a further nod to our intensely romantic environs.

This season, we draw inspiration from not only that which is already within us, a yearning to return to the simpler, hazy days of our first romance, our irrevocable memories of youthful holidays by the sea, and the spiritual sustenance we derive from being at one with the ocean, but also to that which is always around us, nurturing our spirit, soul and style- our extraordinary, irreplaceable Noosa.

This is Summer 2019 and it’s ours for the taking!

ABOVE Shop The Look: Samara wears Stripe Dress by Ella & Sunday, Noosaville. Ph. 5455 5656; Pearl necklace and earrings by Isabella’s Fine & Antique Jewellery; Sandals by Bohemian Sundays.


There is a young woman, self-assured, independent, breathtaking and well aware of her feminine power. Solitary, resolute and marching to a beat all her own. Her simple white tie bikini is daringly offset with the contrasting textures of a masterfully-pleated, origami-like bustier, a weighty shell encrusted neckpiece of tribal design her only adornment. In her hand, she masterfully wields the sharpest of spears. She is waiting, expectant – of what? Or whom?

Samara wears white tie bikini by Arvia Active; Pleated bustier by Flannel; Neckpiece by Tres Noosa; Shell hairpins by; Spear is stylist’s own.


An azure sea, a truly blue lagoon, the perfect light breeze stimulates the senses, the sun gently kisses the limbs. She lazily, knowingly, saunters by wearing a diaphanous, exquisitely printed cotton skirt and the merest slip of a bikini. A chic large sunhat and mirrored shades afford both protection and the privacy of her own thoughts. A small woven crossbody bag on one hip, she is aware she is being observed. He emerges from the water’s edge in ever-classic canary yellow boardies, an Appleseed necklace around his neck; mesmerised by her allure. In the blink of an eye, the fate of both has shifted forever.

Remy wears yellow boardshorts by Okanui; Appleseed necklace by The Big Shell. Samara wears sunhat by Bohemian Sundays; Sunglasses by Hammond Optometry; Earrings by; Bikini top by Matteau; Dusk wrap skirt by Boom Shankar; Woven crossbody bag from Hub & Co Stylists; Bracelets from Tres Noosa; Birkenstock sandals from Feet First Footwear.


In the rock pools of the lagoon, an eternal dance begins. He wears neutrally-toned cargo shorts and an open, finely patterned cotton shirt, playing it cool in beautifully crafted eyewear and a dapper pinch front hat. She responds coquettishly with quiet confidence, sporting an impeccable-cut flat fronted linen pant and a deftly tied wide-sleeved shirt, a tiny glimpse of her pure white bikini in view.

Remy wears cargo shorts, hat and beaded bracelet from Cottonworx by Mensroom; Cotton shirt by Boom Shankar. Samara wears sunglasses by Hammond Optometry; Earrings and pant by Ella and Sunday; Bikini top by Arvia Active; Shirt by Araminta James; Resin bangles by ResArtDesigns and Carmel’s Designs; Clutch from Pandanus Culture.


Under the soothing shade and dulcet tones of a coconut palm, a commitment is made. He reaches out to tenderly caress her cheek, his manly bearing accentuated by white linen and a belted khaki hued sarong, suede desert boots to his side. Her effortless 90’s style linen slip is updated with an intricate leather belt at her waist, whilst a bespoke embellished cork backpack perfectly offsets the rust tones of her dress. Her hair cascades and shines with youth, a leather tiara serves as her only decoration. Our lovers are as one.

Remy wears shirt from Okanui; Sarong, belt and desert boot from Cottonworx by Mensroom. Samara wears tiara by DeccoAngel; Slip from Carmel’s Designs; Belt from Soul Sanctuary; Bag by Eco Luxe Australia; Espadrille from Tres Noosa.


Our two young castaways feast in the early evening wearing the colours of the setting sun. Reclined, they picnic on the sand, the air heavy with promise. She dazzles our hero in airy silk harem pants, an intricate lace sleeved blouse, unique gold jewellery and a stunning pair of sunglasses. Her feet are delicately encased in a metallic leather studded gladiator. He epitomises relaxed elegance in subtly tailored pants and a clear pink shirt, a vintage military necklace ruggedly offsetting his sophisticated attire. The evening is theirs, and theirs alone.

Remy wears shirt, pants and Dilly bag from Cottonworx by Mensroom; Sunglasses by Options Eyecare; Dog tags stylists’ own; Sandals from Feet First; Turkish towel from Stitch Piece Loop. Samara wears sunglasses by Options Eyecare; Earrings and shell hairpins by; Shirt and wrist cuff from Pandanus Culture; Silk pant from Hub and Co Stylists; Silk pom pom Scarf worn as belt by Soul Song; Sandals from Feet First; Cowrie shell “Noosa” bag from Tres Noosa. Picnic styling by The Ohana Group, Noosaville, 0452 615 422.


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