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Financing Dreams with Nikki Nielsen

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Tenacious, passionate, and understanding are all great descriptors for this single mum who’s helping many achieve their dreams of owning their own home. Words by Gabrielle Chariton.

Although born, bred and schooled locally, Nikki Nielsen packed her warm clothes and moved to Victoria’s capital for about two decades. She returned to her sunnier stomping grounds of Noosa in January last year. 

Nikki is a mum, foodie, finance expert, property nut – and mortgage broker with a difference. 

As someone who’s passionate about working with people to make their dreams a reality, Nikki is here to help you achieve your goals and secure financial freedom through smart, strategic lending. 

Why work with Nikki? She’s got a can-do attitude, a savvy approach, and she’s in your corner, every step of the way. 

“It’s no secret that I’m a bit assertive, so you can count on me to push the bank or lender for the best rate and all the features you need,” Nikki promises. 

“Well-structured borrowing is the foundation of wealth creation, so I’m all about teeing you up with a solution that will get where you want to be in life – and save you a few dollars along the way.”

When it comes to property, Nikki has done it all: bought it, sold it, built it, styled it. She’s passionate about it!  

Her mum was a real estate agent; so grew up following her around gorgeous homes on the Sunshine Coast, and Nikki has lived and breathed it ever since. 

Nikki eventually followed in her mum’s footsteps and enjoyed a successful career in real estate, before taking a client liaison role with a high-end building company in Melbourne. 

“And through it all, I’ve worked on many of my own building, renovation and investment projects,” she said. 

“This means that I understand the finance process inside out. I am here to guide you through the lending maze and will cut out the bank jargon and the BS to make it simple and stress-free for you. Whether you’re buying your first home, your forever home, or an investment. I just love being able to use my professional and personal experience to facilitate your property journey and share in the excitement of your success! 

“I work hard to make a difference in my clients’ lives. I also work hard to make a difference in our community – in particular, for women affected by domestic violence.”

As a Board Member of Events for Greater Good (E4GG), Nikki donates a percentage of her own commissions to this charity, which goes directly to helping and supporting domestic violence victims. 

“My long-term goal is to be in a position to fund tiny homes to provide safe-havens for women and children escaping abuse,” she said. 

“By working with me as your broker, you too will be making the world a better place for countless women and children.” 

After living in Melbourne for 20 years, Nikki is now based in Noosa and can provide tailored loan solutions to clients around the country. 

“With access to over 60 lenders, I can help clients with everything ‘money’: purchasing your first (and second and third) home; SMSF purchases; solutions for refinancing, debt consolidation, self-employed borrowers and ex-pats; and planning and financing a property investment portfolio,” Nikki says. 

“Because I’ve worked in the building environment and have managed numerous building projects over the years, I also specialise in private lending for builders and developers and my clients come to me from all over Australia.

“When I’m not writing loans or hitting up the banks on your behalf, you’ll find me experimenting in the kitchen (on a good day), exploring new places, preferably near distilleries (on a better day), or just tripping over Lego, chasing the dog around and trying to find answers to my toddler’s nonstop crazy questions (that’s my perfect day). 

Disclaimer: The information in this story is generic in nature. Individuals should seek their own advice that pertains to their specific needs.

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