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Tea Shop’s aromatic array of organic, sustainably-sourced teas offers something special. Melanie Rosettenstein and the IN Noosa team have a tea-riffic time savouring all the special blends.

Is there anything more comforting than a cup of tea? The simple act of slowly brewing a carefully selected cuppa offers a retreat from life’s daily hullabaloo. And Tea Shop teas are our office go-to to maintain a bit of calm amidst the deadline-driven crazy!

Led by certified Tea Master, Kellie Marshall, the Tea Shop team is serious about the business of making tea. And even more so, it’s serious about its customers getting the most out of their tea experience.

This is why their range is roasted in small batches (no mass production here) using sustainably-sourced blends different to any other teas out there.

Their blends are also packaged using recycled, reusable, or compostable packaging meaning that the sublime cuppa you are enjoying comes absolutely guilt-free. Score!

The IN Noosa Magazine team shares their favourite blend which we discover matches our personalities – to a T.

Mel: As a South African who grew up on the sweet taste of Rooibos, I instinctively reach for Tea Shop’s Orange Rooibos. I just love the citrusy, cinnamony taste which compliments the tea’s natural sweetness. As it’s caffeine-free, it’s ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up. (Ed’s note: it’s also great with gin!)

Jodie: As a mum of two busy boys, I need the balance and harmony that Lemon Myrtle Green delivers! I love the combination of Japanese green tea with zesty Australian aromatics. You can taste the natural goodness and health benefits.

Deb: Tea makes everything better and my favourite is the Liquorice Mint, a refreshing and invigorating blend of liquorice root and spearmint. It’s revitalising and delicious with a natural sweetness so it’s the perfect pick-me-up to get me through the day, naturally.

Michelle: Tea Shop’s Mountain Chai with its mix of exotic herbs and spices blended with black tea delivers a delightful and distinctive layer of complexity to deliver instant calm and warmth. Perfect any time of day.

John: I’m predominantly a coffee drinker but if there’s a tea that makes me cross the Rubicon and put down my cup of coffee, it’s the Tea Shop’s Robust. There’s an earthiness, smokiness and a smoothness that sees me popping the kettle on and brewing one of these each day as a takeaway before I hit the streets delivering the magazines.   

Bex: I drink ginger tea every day so Tea Shop’s Ginger Glow is my natural choice! So warming with a spicy kick, that delivers a light, invigorating and uplifting way to get me through the day.

Ali: Tea Shop’s Peppermint blend is my first choice! The cool minty tones mixed with earthy dandelion and a touch of fennel present an uplifting, cool taste that I just love. It’s refreshing, brisk and with a mild sweetness, just like me!

Jakki: Oui, oui mes amis! Gentle, floral French Earl Grey goes so nicely with my French beret and, with lavender and hibiscus, is my absolute favourite! Just a little bit tart and a little bit sweet, this delicious tea is a calming and aromatic addition to my day.

So there you go! Tea Shop’s fragrant blends are a firm and favourite fixture in our office.

Whether we’re looking for an energy boost, sweet sensation without the calories or something calming while we’re on deadline, we won’t change our minds for all the tea in China!

If you’re looking for something new to try or beautiful gift ideas, be sure to visit the Tea Shop on Rene Street in Noosaville or shop online for a tea-lightful tea-time treat!

And don’t forget to check our website for the tea-inspired cocktails created in collaboration with Sunshine & Sons. Drink responsibly.

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