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Wondering what the best treatment is for ultimate relaxation at your next Day Spa appointment? Katrina Thorpe has you covered from head to toe.

I am not sure where the concept of having a firm massage to relax came from but I wish it was easier to convince people that your body really needs nurturing and kindness – not discomfort and pain – to relax, destress and unload the mind, especially where mental and emotional stress is concerned.

The demand for seeking treatments to help with emotional and mental fatigue has grown to be the most sought-after reason for visiting a Day Spa.

If you are suffering from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and or sleep deprived, these are all signs of adrenal burn out and a common conversation we have with guests who are seeking recommendations of the best treatments to help them relax, recover and sleep.

Napping during a spa treatment is beneficial for balancing fatigue and emotional stress.

You may only drift off to sleep for fifteen minutes, some people sleep through an entire treatment or go in and out of sleep during treatments.

Other people try to stay awake for fear of missing out on the experience but if your body feels comforted and nurtured, drifting off to sleep during a treatment is exactly what you need.

How annoying is it when you are so tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted but the minute you lay down to sleep, you’re wide awake, pondering, wondering, thinking and then start to worry that you can’t sleep.

It’s difficult to switch off a busy mind, thoughts, and emotions but when your physical body is soothed, relaxed and nurtured, your mind reads the sense of letting go, your mind starts to drift, emotional responses fade and it’s how and why you fall to sleep during spa treatments. 

It’s a deep power nap that works wonders as your body relaxes, your skin is revived and your mind finally shuts down leaving you looking and feeling better.

So, now you’re asking ‘what are the best spa treatments for deep rest, sleep, and recovery?

Read on to choose what you are going to book yourself or buy a gift for someone you care about to help recover with for summer.

1. Relaxation Massage that offers a choice of aromatherapy with an emphasis on a slow, soothing, rhythmical, touch with a light to medium pressure and is carefully structured so one move flows into another – this seamless flow is the secret to deep rest.

2. Facials are particularly good for mental and emotional stress. We wear our stress on our faces, it shows in a person’s skin, how they feel within, especially when you are tired, stressed, drained, emotional, or generally unwell.

During a facial, therapists use a lighter, softer touch in repetitive rhythmical patterns over the peripheral nerve endings on and around the face and scalp. This sensory touch sends a message of calm to your mind and relaxes your facial muscles, which cause the tight expression lines on the face. 

3. Foot Massage, some love it, some don’t but it’s a popular choice of relaxation. You may not realise how connected your feet are to the entire body and how a soothing foot soak combining aromatherapy and magnesium can calm your mind, body and soles. Sit back and relax with a foot massage that helps to balance your body through the meridian channels that pass through your feet being released, stimulated and soothed.

The expression ‘feeling grounded’ says it all when it comes to foot treatments.

4. Head Massage helps clear the mind, release tension and most likely send you to sleep. A very popular treatment during times of stress, emotional, mental, and physical burn out, for sleeping trouble and for those who prefer not to lay down for a massage. Did you know you also have meridians through your scalp? As the scalp is massaged, usually with a subtle aroma oil that is beneficial for the scalp and hair, the meridian channels in the head respond to help balance the areas they relate to in the body.

Stress headaches can be caused from scalp tension and a massage to the head offers fast relief as people usually stop talking and often falling asleep.

As The Dalai Lama says, ‘Sleep is The Best Meditation’.

Enjoy sweet dreams at your next Day Spa session.

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