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From being the best customers of Hermon Hermon to owning the business, interior designer Susanne Anthony and electrician David Hulstone know how to light up a room!

How and when was your business born?

Barbara and John Hermon had built relationships with designers in the Philippines and had been importing furniture and lighting for their fabulous store in Melbourne for many years. 

They were my go-to for lighting solutions for interior design clients and we eventually convinced Barbara to let us sell their Hermon Hermon pendants in our retail stores Livingetc + Lightingetc in Geelong, Victoria.

When John and Barbara retired about seven years ago, they offered the Hermon Hermon lighting business to us. Looking to the future we could see this was a good opportunity to stay involved in the design industry after we had sold Livingetc + Lightingetc. 

Little did we know then that we would import Hermon Hermon Lighting to the Sunshine Coast.

What brought you to Noosa?

Several years ago we purchased some land at Lake Weyba and engaged a local architect to design a cabin-style home lying gently on the land. 

The intention was to spend time between Torquay, Victoria and Noosa. Covid struck and we found ourselves permanently in Noosa, and loving it. 

Our next move was to purchase a warehouse in Coolum, which is now fully stocked.

What do you love about your business?

Lighting is the secret weapon to a stunning space. A good lighting plan is everything.

But most of all we love that every sale helps a Filipino family. Crafts are an integral part of Filipino culture and our partners in the Philippines take great pride in their craftsmanship. 

All of our pendants are made individually by hand, ethically and sustainably. 

We visit every year, establishing a personal relationship with our suppliers is very important in the Philippines business culture and face-to-face business meetings are necessary.

How does your personal style translate in your business?

My personal style is “take a risk” don’t be boring. Having said that, for our clients it’s more about listening to their needs, exploring all possibilities and at the end of the day, it’s their decision. 

We are happy if they have taken on board all the information we can provide, both as an interior designer and an electrician, with the benefit of also having studied Lighting Design under David Bird at RMIT, Melbourne. The client can then make their own well-informed decision that works for them.

What is your favourite product right now?

For Dave, it would have to be the A’Cote hanging pendant in green. It is powdercoated galvanized iron that is uniquely and intricately hand-woven and sits nicely in any space. 

For me, it’s the Kai Arc Floor Lamp by Kenneth Cobonpue which immediately creates a statement in the room with hand laid palm leaf spines around the outside of the diffuser and beautiful handmade paper on the inner shade.

Available in large and small sizes, we can make it work in most spaces. 

What sets your business apart? 

We are our business, we are totally hands on – from unloading containers to home consultations. We handle everything ourselves.

Because of the handmade nature of our pendants, we have never seen any copies, we don’t believe it would be possible to copy them. 

Also, because of the timeframe and attention to detail involved in their manufacture we don’t believe it would be possible to mass produce them. 

We work with four different businesses in the Philippines, each with something different to offer. We are passionate about the pendants and the communities that produce them.

What are your top tips for perfect lighting?

There are so many: don’t flood your home with down lights; use uplighting in conjunction with other lighting; use dimmers – everywhere; use directional lighting to light up artwork or a special piece on a console table; don’t light every corner of the room, leave some negative space; layer your lighting; use task lights over the kitchen bench, pendant lights over the dining table, definitely with a dimmer; and use floor lamps and wall sconces for less artificial light at night.

What do you love about being IN Noosa?

We love the climate, the relaxed lifestyle, the friendly people, the awesome restaurant and wine bar scene, the mountain bike trails, the beach and the bush. 

We love our downsized home in the bush on the shore of Lake Weyba, complete with kangaroos and funny noisy kookaburras, even the occasional python – just 10 minutes drive into Noosa.

What makes a room come alive?

It is difficult to select one item to make a room come alive, there are many components that come together to create a room that feels good to be in. 

Orientation is very important, and allowing the room to evolve over time as you find special pieces. Of course, installing the best lighting creates a fabulous relaxing mood in the evenings. 

Installing uplit wall lights in living areas and motion sensor low wall lighting in passages and moving through areas all assist in creating a relaxing space in the evenings and helping to regulate our body’s internal clock.


Fave Hobby: Walking into premises and discussing the poor lighting choices that have been made

Fave Drink: Any drink, provided the lighting is complimentary 

Fave Food: Good food 

Fave Saying: Yes, it’s in stock.. how many do you require? 

Fave Style: Definitely authentic, not replica 

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