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Nikki Rowe

Weaver Green

How and when was your business born?

Pure serendipity! After a combined 23 years working on superyachts, Rupert and I were looking for a new business, and our shared love of antiques led us to sourcing rustic antiques from France and the UK and bringing them to Noosa. 

We saw the brand Weaver Green in the What’s Hot section in an antiques magazine in the UK and knew instantly it would be perfect for the Australian lifestyle. 

What do you love most about the business? 

Apart from my love of textiles, colours and everything interiors, I can’t go past the fact that we have helped to save over 200 million plastic bottles from going into landfill and our oceans. 

What sets Weaver Green apart? 

The sustainability of our product. Giving something that is used once and then discarded a long and useful life – as well as the ethical elements of the business – really set us apart from many homewares companies. 

From an everyday living perspective, our rugs are washable and mould and stain resistant, so great for yet another El Niño summer! 

They’re also completely dust mite free, so great for allergy sufferers. All our hard-wearing flat weave rugs and cushions are great outdoors – and claw-proof too! 

How is Weaver Green sustainable? 

From the collecting of the plastic bottles that are used to make our products through to shipping our products out to our customers, we try to make sure each process is as environmentally sustainable and ethical as possible. 

We work with women’s groups in India to collect the bottles for a fair wage, and then use factories with a closed loop system (reusing the same water over and over), as well as burning unwanted rice husks to heat the vats and using non-toxic dyes to dye the yarn. 

Overall, making the rugs from recycled plastic uses 90% less water and 70% less energy than making new yarn! 

How would you describe your interior style and how it translates to your business? 

My personal interior style combines a love of old and interesting pieces, blended with organic textures such as wood, stone and white render, all thrown together in a relaxed Mediterranean vibe – fairly natural with eclectic pops of colour. But to be honest, I love so many different design styles and I’m passionate about helping people create the perfect space for them.

We offer styling advice and love when our clients bring us images and measurements and ask us to help them choose the perfect textiles for the space! 

What trends are you currently seeing? 

I am very passionate about reducing our impact on the earth, and like fast fashion, fast homewares play a huge role in the waste problem. 

Fundamentally I feel that your home should be filled with timeless things that you love, and that make you feel relaxed and calm. 

In saying that, a renovation or home makeover is the perfect time to choose things that last and won’t need to be replaced every year! In 2023 I think we will see the trend for calm, natural colours and textures continue to dominate when designing our interiors, and I can definitely see why! 

What can we expect to see in future? 

We have an incredible new canvas fabric, made of course from recycled bottles, which we will be making into a range of fabulous outdoor products such as hammocks! 

What makes a room come alive? 

Variation of textures and shapes are important, as well as a colour thread throughout the room, such as a piece of art that has the same colour as a cushion. 

Plants also give any room a lift, as well as purifying the air in the room! 

What are your top tips when it comes to finding the perfect style for your home? 

Research, research, research. Make sure you know exactly what you want and be prepared to search and sometimes wait for the right pieces to be available. 

Make lots of mood boards, and you might be surprised at how your final vision turns out. 

What do you love about being IN Noosa? 

The nature mostly. I just love being surrounded by green spaces and of course the beautiful ocean and beaches. I also love that it still really feels like a small town despite how busy it has become. 

Fave Five

Fave Hobby:  I have just started Outrigging and it’s so much fun!

Fave Drink: Margarita

Fave Food: Mexican

Fave Colour: Green (of course)

Fave City: Definitely Rome! Incredible food, wine and the architecture and history is just mind-blowing.

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