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When Allan and Mandy Evans moved to their 160-acre property in the Bunya Mountains region about six years ago they thought they were going there to take life a bit easier and relax. But the couple of acres of caper bushes they decided to trial had other ideas.

It soon became apparent that they’d stumbled across the perfect soil and climate for growing exceptional capers and caperberries, and since releasing them onto the market they have been kept busy trying to keep up with orders from adoring chefs and gourmands all over the country.

A couple of acres may not seem like a lot, but when you consider they all have to be hand-picked, sorted and cured, being a caper producer is truly a labour of love.

Bunya Red Capers are available direct from the farm by mail order. They’re not cheap but a little goes a long way and they’re worth every cent:

Bring Bunya Red Capers’ delicious caperberries to your table with Matt Golinski’s delicious recipe for crispy skinned salmon with dutch cream potatoes and caperberries.

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