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For the past 15 years, Noosa Reds tomatoes have featured on the menus of every good restaurant in Noosa, their name generally listed in the dish description as a guarantee of quality.

Grown hydroponically in hothouses in Doonan, an array of brightly coloured, burstingly ripe and full flavoured tomatoes are delivered twice a week to the chefs in town who demand the best and freshest produce in their kitchens.

It’s not just chefs who appreciate the magic Peter and Dory Seghers weave on the farm though, they have a cult following of locals who line up each weekend at various Farmers Market to stock up on their weekly supply.

Through the week and on Saturday, you can always drop into the farm on Beddington Rd and pick some up from the farm gate. Their tomato chutney and sauces are a special treat and you can also grab other fares such as mini cucumbers or turmeric when there is an abundance in season.

Find out how you can bring Noosa Reds to your table with Matt Golinski’s recipe for Orecchiette with ricotta and Noosa Reds tomatoes.

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