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The butter factories throughout the hinterland might all be galleries now, and the cream sheds still standing at all the old railway stations might be just relics of a long-gone dairy industry in the region, but there’s one dairy farmer who continues to supply the coast with milk that tastes the same way it did 100 years ago.

Dick Schroder’s Jersey dairy herd graze on the lush green pastures of the Mary Valley in Dagun, just south of Gympie, and their milk is processed onsite into pasteurised and homogenised milk, pasteurised-only milk (that’s the one I drink, it has the cream layer on top), skim milk, organic milk and pure cream.

Locals in the know won’t settle for anything less than Cooloola Milk, and more and more cafes across the coast are using it to make those lattes shine. The cream has a very high butterfat content, is beautifully rich and makes bright yellow, moorish butter.

Most IGAs and good fruit shops stock Cooloola Milk’s products. Some also stock Eumundi Noosa Milk, which is exactly the same product just with a different label:

Turn this classic dairy into a delicious dish with Matt Golinski’s take on the humble pikelet.

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