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There are chicken stock cubes, and then there’s Boneafide Broth Co’s range of Certified Organic Chicken and Grass-Fed Beef bone broth powders.

The first has probably never even been anywhere near a chicken or cow, and the second is just the pure ambrosian liquid extracted from the bones of local, ethically-raised animals and dehydrated into a convenient, easy-to-use powder or broth bombs, without the addition of sugar, preservatives or additives.

There’s also Beef and Chicken Broth Bites, which make a Moorish but healthy snack (a bit like crisps without the guilt) and in the sweet lines are Coconut Yoghurt Bites, Coconut Yoghurt Cookies and Collagen Cookies.

All of their products are made in their Noosaville kitchen with a focus on creating better health and working with other local producers to source their ingredients.

Boneafide Broth Co products are all available online via their website and are widely stocked throughout stores in Australia.

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Matt Golinski is a highly regarded chef with a passion for simple, produce-driven cuisine based on seasonal, fresh local ingredients. He is an active member of the Slow Food movement, a champion of artisan producers and a generous mentor to keen young chefs. He is the Food and Culinary Tourism Ambassador for the Gympie region; Ambassador and Advisory Executive Chef for Peppers Noosa; and a festival favourite.

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