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A new skincare range created by naturopath and nutritionist Kerri Abbott, has been formulated with the men in mind, as Georgia Beard discovers. 

Step into a cosmetics store, watch the ad breaks on TV or simply search social media – women are almost always the target of skincare products. 

Now, we’ve heard enough debates to know what that says about society’s perception of women, but what does it say about men?

Why don’t men get to run face rollers over their jawline or smooth exfoliating masks onto their cheeks? Where are their soothing videos of ten-step skincare routines?

Do men lack those constant onslaughts of dryness, oiliness, puffiness and acne? Well, no. Skin imperfections don’t discriminate, and men have always been subject to premature ageing from the elements.

Could skincare be an unnecessary part of their daily routines? No! Skin is an organ worthy of protection and upkeep just like the rest of our bodies.

When compared to women, dermatological studies have found men produce more oil, develop deeper wrinkles and lose more moisture. 

Shaving facial hair regularly can also irritate the skin. 

When naturopath and nutritionist Kerri Abbott recognised this need for male skincare, she developed her own line under her Sunshine Coast-based company Pure Face Co.

“I think men traditionally have found skincare to be confusing when they look at how many products are available,” she said. 

“They’re not sure what to use, so they just use body wash on the face. Body wash foams up the oil on your skin and rinses it away, raising the pH and causing dry skin which can clog pores. Not the best solution.” 

Her alterative? Naturally-derived ingredients backed by science to clean, nourish, protect and improve the skin.

“Pure Face Co was created after a conversation with a group of guys discussing their skin concerns from acne to wrinkles,” she said.

“Above all else, the guys wanted an easy-to-use skincare routine that improved the look and texture of their skin.”

Equipped with her knowledge of botany and naturopathy, Kerri formulated a simple two-step routine for adult men – facial wash and moisturiser.

“I enlisted the help of a skincare formulator to put it all together to ensure efficacy and safety standards,” she said.

“Good quality natural ingredients are more expensive than chemically produced ones, which entices some to buy supermarket skincare. However, they come with a lot of chemical toxicity which puts extra burden on your detox pathways and can lead to inflammation in your body.”

Her Pure Face Co. AHA Facial Wash uses alpha hydroxy fruit acids to exfoliate dead skin cells, which unclogs pores, prevents blemishes and blackheads and refreshes the complexion. 

Afterwards, Pure Face Co. Moisturiser improves skin hydration and texture and reduces inflammation with herbs and antioxidants like Cat’s Claw, Astragalus and Baical Skullcap. These plump the skin and prevent visible aging such as dullness, age spots and loss of elasticity.

Kerri also had acne-prone, oily-skinned teens in mind, following her original two-step routine with a more comprehensive range for boys.

Her Facial Cleansing Gel and Perfecting Toning Mist incorporate organic oils and extracts to hydrate the skin, clean out bacteria, reduce redness and offer antioxidant protection. The Balancing Moisturiser then replaces any lost moisture and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier 

Finally, her Eye Gel moisturises the delicate areas around the eyes and reduces signs of ageing with natural yet powerful antioxidants. 

Kerri plans to expand the men’s range for those going beyond the basics, introducing eye gel, brightening Vitamin C serum, body wash and shaving scream. 

As meeting men’s needs, she’ll develop a skincare range for women with the same business philosophy – simple routines with successful results.

The reliable washcloth or dollop of shower gel might have been the standard of men’s skincare in the past but now, Pure Face Co. offers a better option with all the health and beauty benefits the blokes have been missing out on.

Freshen up, boys! It’s time to give your skin the care it deserves.

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