Spiritual Awakening

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Seeking a spiritual awakening? Jackie Hillegers offers some advice.

A spiritual awakening is when you realise that nothing external can bring you happiness and to truly be fulfilled in life, you must let go of the ego and surrender to the internal search for happiness and peace. It can be felt through your body, mind and soul, and can make you realise how limited your thoughts and actions have been in the past.

A spiritual awakening can bring up questions such as ‘who am I’ or ‘what is my purpose in this life’? When we truly feel at ease with ourselves, things become more vivid, you are more present and feel very much alive. Famous people who claim to have had spiritual awakenings include Russell Brand, Oprah, Jim Carey and John Lennon. 

One of the first signs of an awakening is when you start to notice and observe patterns happening around you and with your own behaviour. You might be asking yourself, ‘Why do I attract the people I do? Why do I feel angry at the world? Why do I comfort eat and what am I going to do about it?’

You might begin to make life-changes and become more aware of food and health, environmental impacts or political issues. 

Setting yourself up for a spiritual awakening can include making small changes to your daily life such as learning to let go of the past, practicing self-care, being more present or re-examining your values and beliefs. 

Just remember that small changes create a ripple effect, and you may notice bigger changes happening further down the track. 

Your intuition may become more in tune – when you think about a certain person, you often bump into them soon after, and when you wish for something, the energy world seems to connect your thoughts with reality. 

Now is more important than ever to go back to some of the basics in life – to change or maintain a constant and happy state of mind. 

As we age our playful child-like mind slowly turns into one of worry and stress and we forget to enjoy our simple, uncomplicated surroundings. 

Instead of searching for an external materialistic paradise we need to find that internal paradise waiting to be discovered. Let go of attachments that define you and just let the universe guide you to your destination. 

Here are some ways you can support a spiritual awakening:


Placing words on the fridge such as ‘curiosity’, ‘presence’ or ‘gratitude’ can remind us that the world has so much to offer and explore. 

Do you remember as a child being totally lost in time while using our imagination to create fictional scenes in our heads, living for each moment instead of thinking ahead and only stopping play to satisfy our hunger?

Those beautiful memories are stored in our minds forever and when replayed they bring a sense of fulfilment and happiness that can still be recreated. 


Summer in Queensland was mild this year – a much cooler breeze emerged and short, violent storms and torrential rain presented themselves sporadically. Our grass is certainly greener and heavy rain has created flowing streams through stagnant waters. These things are simple but oddly beautiful in the wake of a stressful, ever-changing world. 

I seek the sound of water moving and hitting rocks when out walking my dog and it is one of the most peaceful sounds to connect more with nature. These are those small pocket moments we need to focus on to be a spiritual thinker – we need to slow down our racing minds and look for these hidden moments and unnoticed treasures. 


If you feel like your life is lacking purpose and you feel incomplete, spend time working more on yourself and investing in your own self-love. The library is filled with Wellness books, spiritual books and positive mentor books to guide you! A change only begins when you are ready to make it, and now is the best time to start to awaken your spiritual side and glow from the inside out. 


• Explore your surroundings 

• Practice Yoga or Pilates 

• Volunteer in your community 

• Think regular positive thoughts 

• Look for deeper meanings 

• Mindfulness Meditation 

• Be more in touch with your inner core 

• Think about your purpose in life 

• Let life guide you rather than control it

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