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FootMotion strode onto the scene last year when they opened in Noosa Junction, but owners Tim and Bec Rook have been embedded in local life for over a decade. Georgia Beard discovers how their specialist footwear is perfecting the steps of our community.

Walking inside FootMotion feels like disappearing from the modern marketplace of Noosa Junction and landing in a shopping experience of the past.

Embraced by attentive and personalised service, the store echoes a near-extinct era of customer care – a time when local boutiques welcomed the community before department stores drew them out, and consumers filled their wardrobes with quality and longevity rather than cheap convenience.

Now we’re used to picking from the shelves, processing the payment and walking out without truly understanding what’s going on our feet. But the FootMotion team won’t let us get away that easy!

Owners Tim and Bec Rook cut the ribbon to FootMotion Noosa one year ago, joining an emerging franchise in Toowong and Bundaberg to address health conditions in our lower limbs and improve performance and comfort.

Initially the National Sales Manager for Ascent Footwear, Tim moved from manufacturing to retail after owner Gavin Kelly established FootMotion for the label in 2015.

Working closely with podiatrists in the region, Tim and Bec have united an old-fashioned customer-service focus with specialist footwear and fitting technology to perfect every step.

Their personal connection with clientele extends beyond their doors, felt across the community from sporting clubs to business associations since they moved to Noosa 15 years ago.

“When we lived in Sydney, I couldn’t tell you what my neighbour’s names were, and I had no interest in that sort of interaction,” Tim said.

“Community had never been a thing on my radar, but as soon as I joined the Noosa Tri Club, I was immediately immersed with a group of people who had similar ideas, similar drives.”

Tim’s passion for fitness and endurance took a stumble when a car accident disabled his knee. After a year interrupted by surgery, rehab, physio and exercise, Tim shifted his focus to give back to his community.

He stepped up as the President of Noosa Tri Club and later became the President of the Noosaville Business Association, Vice President of the Noosa Chamber of Commerce & Industry and soon a member of the Noosa Junction Association.

Recovering from his injuries, he also realised just how critical it was to support his mobility and weight bearing with appropriate footwear – a passion he now shares with clients in collaboration with podiatry and physiotherapy specialists.

“The most important thing is your health and mobility,” Tim said.

“If you can keep moving and keep healthy, there’s a better chance you’ll be able to do something to affect your circumstances as soon as your health is impacted.”

Whether customers are seeking to recover from injury, relieve pain, correct movement or simply find the right fit for their lifestyle, FootMotion combines casual consultation with foot analysis from a 3D Foot Scanner before picking out a variety of brands to suit.

“Ideally we learn a little bit about the person and what they’re intending to do in their footwear,” Tim said.

“That allows us a better opportunity to steer towards specific products based on what we know about the footwear, how it can help or how it will fit.

“For instance, if we understand they want a shoe they can travel with, we’ll try to find a shoe that will be multipurpose. We’ve got to find out the environment. Is it Northern Hemisphere? Southern Hemisphere? Winter? Summer? Does it need to be water resistant, or will it be hot where they’re going?”

Once the staff have visualised the potential footwear, each foot will be scanned individually to determine length, width, toe orientation and more.

“The easiest way to get a good fitting shoe is to match the shape of the foot to the shape of the shoe, so the Laser Scanner helps with that and gives us an indication as to whether any further stability or support is required or whether we can choose something quite neutral,” Tim said.

“Then we make recommendations, allow clients to try a few different shoes and hopefully get a great-fitting shoe that’s fit for purpose and looks good!”

FootMotion’s informal and familiar yet cutting-edge approach has found the right fit for clients of all needs, from repeat clients to travelling families to locals experiencing homeless.

When I spoke with Tim in-store, he paired his expertise with insights from my foot analysis to recommend multipurpose shoes for my working holiday in Europe next year!

With FootMotion on the scene, you can step out in style and comfort with footwear that moves you!

Experience the FootMotion difference for true support and style underfoot.

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