The Unbreakable Liking of Bean!

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Some may say coffee is a drug. For John Caruso it could be a religion.

Preparing my stove top coffee maker, or Moka pot – or caffettiera for those of us raised in an ethnic household – is a daily ritual that’s close to my heart. The grinding of the beans, the gentle heat, smelling the aroma and watching as the pot fills. Then the first sip – just magic and the perfect start to my day.

My Melbournian friend, Richie, Sicilian heritage just like me, gifted me my first caffettiera more than 30 years ago and I’ve been hooked on the ritualistic way of creating a rich, aromatic brew ever since.

Coffee is more than just a drink for me. It’s a way of life, a culture, a passion. I love experimenting with different types of beans, roasts and blends. There are many ways to enjoy coffee, and I’ve tried them all. From long black to cappuccino; latte to macchiato; espresso to mocha, there’s a coffee for every mood and occasion. But my favourite is still the long (medium) black, no sugar, just pure coffee goodness.

I’m not alone in my love for coffee. Australians consume an average of 2kg of coffee per person per year. That’s about 6 billion cups annually! The coffee market down under reached $6.2 billion in 2019, with more than 20,000 coffee shops across the country. It is a huge part of our economy and our culture.

But not all coffee is created equal.

Some people still use instant coffee, which is easy but a crime against humanity. Instant coffee is made from low-quality beans that are roasted, ground, brewed, and then freeze-dried or spray-dried into granules or powder. It has less flavour, less aroma, less caffeine, and more chemicals than real coffee. To me, it’s like drinking dirty water with a hint of bitterness.

According to a survey, 27% of Australians still use instant coffee on a daily basis. That’s more than a quarter of the population! How can they live like that? Don’t they know what they’re missing out on? Don’t they care about their taste buds? Don’t they have any respect for themselves?

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. But instant coffee is something that I can’t tolerate. It’s like eating cardboard instead of bread or drinking vinegar instead of wine. It’s an insult to the art and science of coffee making.

Sharing coffee with a friend or group of friends is another one of life’s simple pleasures. There’s nothing like having a cup of coffee with someone you care about whether it’s at home or at your favourite coffee spot. Coffee brings people together, sparks conversations, creates bonds. It’s a social lubricant that makes us feel more relaxed and connected.

Coffee is more than just a drink for me. It’s a story, a culture, a passion, a friendship; one of the greatest pleasures of life. It’s something that enriches my life every day. I can’t imagine what life would be like without it. But I do know one thing – I don’t want to find out.


Long black – For blokes that don’t eat quiche.

Espresso – As above, with much less time.

Cappuccino – The milk & chocolate sprinkle moustache is only for the master of disguises. 

Café Latte – A no-no for the lactose intolerant – and there’s no point in almond or oat substitutes.

Vienna – Ordered when making a scene and looking for attention. (There are loud shirts in your closet)

Flat white – You need to get out more. You’re boring!

Macchiato – You want to give up dairy, but you’re not there yet.

Americano – Don’t bother. The Yanks have no idea.

*author’s opinion only.


An homage to the late, great, Dick Bradsel, creator of the Espresso Martini.


Cacao infused Mezcal   50ml

Coffee Liquor of your choice  30ml

Agave syrup or Sugar syrup   10ml

Espresso Coffee   30ml

Step 1. 

Mezcal infusion: Grab a bottle of your favourite Mezcal, preferably one that has a fair amount of smokiness to it and empty it into a sous vide bag with around 100 g of cacao nibs. Make sure the bag you use holds at least a litre of fluid as it might need some room to expand. Evacuate the air, seal and slip it into a water bath with the sous vide set to 60°C. (Don’t go higher than this as the alcohol will evaporate and potentially blow up the bag). Leave in the water bath for at least an hour.

After an hour take the bag out and let it cool. Strain the contents back into the original Mezcal bottle and you are ready to make a whole lot of dicks!!

Step 2.

Half fill your shaker with Ice and add the ingredients above.

Shake vigorously until you have a nice chocolate foam on top then double strain into your favourite Coup or Martini glass. Done.

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After 30 years in radio, John now runs the Conversations IN Noosa podcast and in between being our writer, sanity checker, accounts manager, event MC, and delivery boy; he spends time with his first love, recording a daily Drive program for regional radio from home (often in his pyjamas); and presenting Saturday mornings on Hot 91.1. He has previously worked for FoxFM Melbourne, Triple M Brisbane and SeaFM, as well as managing and presenting on ABC Sunshine Coast.

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