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A wellness goal without a plan is a plan to fail. Fitness Coach Melissa Miragaia shares her top tips to balance health and wellness with work and life.

It is very common for us all to set health and wellness goals at the beginning of a new year but how many of us can say that we have actioned these good intentions. It’s common to be super focused for a few weeks then lose direction. 

In my experience as a personal trainer and business owner it is imperative to have clear strategies and timelines in place to stay on track and provide a strong foundation to help achieve our goals. However, life should not be all about goals and work we must prioritise time for family, friends, health and wellness. 

Balancing life is essential to maintain sanity and happiness so here are my top tips to live your best balanced life: 

JOURNAL – take a seat in your own space and journal your wellness goals. This could be weight loss, fitness, healthier lifestyle etc. 

CREATE A VISION BOARD collate images of what you want to achieve. For example if you are wanting to lose weight this could be an image of your favourite beach and bikini. 

Having a vision board is important because it will allow the subconscious mind to be constantly reminded of your intentions. Place the vision board where you are most likely to see it often. 

CALENDAR – each Sunday sit down and schedule your coming week. This can include work, children’s commitments and activities, food preparation, shopping, exercise and other appointments. It is important to refer to your goals and vision board during this step. If your goal is to lose weight, are you prioritising this into your week by waking up that little bit earlier? The calendar method is probably one of my favourite steps as it creates a clear focus for each week. It removes falling back on that old “no time” excuse. We are all busy but this weekly practice and a commitment to preparation is the answer to being able to do it all with balance. 

SELF CARE  create a list of the things you love the most – surfing, going to the beach, spending time with family and pets, cooking, outdoor exercise. Once you have your list, go back to your weekly calendar and schedule these things. You will soon realise that you are able to fit in the things you love whilst also achieving your goals. Now you have created the perfect plan to achieve wellness/work/life balance. 

SOCIAL LIFE – Do you have a holiday, wedding, big social event coming up through the year? It is important to document them on your annual calendar so you can enjoy them without stress. For example – you can plan cleaner eating around these times so you feel fabulous for an event or put in extra hours of work the weeks leading up to
a holiday so you can enjoy the time off stress-free. 

By following these tips you will experience a better quality of life, your stress will decrease dramatically, your health will improve physically and mentally, relationships will prosper and  you will be reaching your goals faster than you ever have before. The best part is you will have MORE TIME to fit in the things you love. 

Start achieving your goals and start living that balanced, healthy and well life that you deserve. 


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