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You may be a pedestrian, a peddler or a ponderer of better transportation preferences. John Caruso speaks to a local who’s invested in the future of electric vehicles and is keen to bring the community along for the ride. 

If you don’t already own an electric vehicle (EV) the thought of owning one may have crossed your mind and exploring other alternatives like hydrogen fuel cell electric options and vehicles that run on sustainable, synthetic fuel have resulted in lots of conversation which may have left you with more questions than answers.

The EV Expo organised by Zero Emissions Noosa Inc (ZEN Inc) will go a long way in answering a few of those questions for you. 

ZEN Inc Chair Anne Kennedy explains the group’s formation and its goals.

“In 2016 Noosa Council adopted a policy of net zero greenhouse gases by 2026,” she explains. 

“We’re a not-for-profit organisation founded by former Noosa councillor Vivien Griffin and other like-minded locals and the goal is to focus on climate change awareness and the need to act to protect our environment; more specifically, looking at the reduction of emissions from transportation and from energy consumption.”

According to Anne, 33% of harmful emissions in the Noosa area were from transportation so it’s no surprise that one of ZEN Inc’s key projects was the EV Expo.

Noosa Council has its own plans on reducing its emissions and ZEN Inc is focused on awareness and engagement with the Noosa community,” she said. 

“We’ve had several studies conducted to provide the evidence base for our strategies to reduce the carbon footprint which has resulted in our first community battery project which we hope will have the ability to save and store locally-generated solar energy. 

“The EV Expo is another of our projects which we’re proud to say is into its fifth year proudly supported by our partners Noosa Council, Noosa Junction Association, patrons Angela Whitbread & Tim Rossi and sponsors.”  

The renewable energy sector and the role we can play as individuals can be confusing with the contradictory messaging in the marketplace.

“The expo is an introduction to e-vehicles and how they can provide more sustainable travel choices, showcasing electric transport options and what support is available,” Anne said. 

“For example, the first EV ute that’s available in Australia, the LDV eT60 will be on show; you’ll be able to test ride e-bikes and e-scooters and you can hear from our special guests who are part of the speaker’s program and panel discussions. 

“Plus, there’ll be talks about buying and owning an EV.”

Having an awareness and being able to act and react to the effects of climate change is everyone’s responsibility. 

It’s a position formed from the weight of scientific evidence and it’s encouraging to see that change is not resting solely in the hands of elected public servants. 

Private companies, large and small are invested and organisations like Zero Emissions Noosa Inc. are making sure that local community is engaged in the debate as well.   


June 18, 10am to 2pm

Official opening – 11am

Sunshine Beach Rd, Noosa Junction (road will be closed to traffic)

All weather, FREE community event


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