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As we welcome the new year, there is no better time to grasp your potential, unleash that brewing business idea or support the businesses around you. Hear from the locals who did it first in our third Podcast Playlist!

Local businesses make up the backbone of our region. Behind every storefront, social media page and online shop, there is a person with a passion – and we’ve made it our purpose to tell their stories and celebrate their successes.

Whether they’re concocting new ventures in hospitality, changing the face of fashion and home design or making it their mission to motivate others, we can learn a thing or two from these savvy locals from Everyone Has a Story: Conversations from the Sunshine Coast and Noosa!

Michael Krehl: “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille”

This guest has worked as part of the production team for some of the world’s biggest films and television shows. From Harry Potter to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp, to The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise.

These days he’s helping people from his Doonan home with skills honed while on set as a makeup artist. Everyone has a story and today we’d like you to meet Michael Krehl of SMP Noosa.

Nikki Fogden-Moore: Relationships are about Amplification

You can’t help but get swept up in our next guest’s enthusiasm when she talks to you. She’s a podcaster, coach, and author of the book Radical Self Belief.

She’s spent a lot of her time helping women and now she’s turning her attention towards helping blokes. This episode is full of cracking one-liners that you’re sure to remember and repeat to others.

Greg Ollerhead: An Eye for Style

This guest is the founder of OneWorld, a home furnishings business with seven retail outlets and an online store as well.

It’s a great entrepreneurial tale of a South African businessman who turned his rejected job applications into fuel to start his own company.

Uwe Wullfen: A Passion for Biodynamics

We’ve always admired our next guest’s passion and drive. He applies it to all aspects of his life.

In this episode of our podcast we talk, Harley Davidson motorbikes, nature photography, growing up in Germany and making a new life here in Australia, and applying his entrepreneurial skills to building a successful business.

Matt Hobson: We’re not a Transaction Business, We’re a Relationships Business

Our next guest says he disappointed his father when he made the decision not to take over the family’s farm in rural Victoria. Instead, a career in aviation lay ahead and these days our guest is one of the founders of Sunshine & Sons on the Sunshine Coast.

He says that the business is not a transaction business, it’s a relationships business and in this episode, we’ll hear how a major supermarket chain helped the start-up find its feet.

Dimitris Limnatitis: I Get Knocked Down, I Get Back Up Again

A great story of resilience and of never being afraid of getting your hands dirty. From establishing the Solbar in Maroochydore to the newly opened Rooftop Bar and now onto brewing with Diablo Co Queensland, Dimi has seen and done it all!

Tony Kelly: Hospitality is Simply All About Maths

Tony Kelly is a well-known Sunshine Coast business owner and entrepreneur who first made his mark in Maroochydore about two decades ago with the iconic Wine Bar. His brain is always at work thinking up new ideas and new business opportunities and we think this chat offers a wonderful insight into how this local identity ‘ticks’.

We talk about the COVID shut down last year and why he dove headlong into launching new business ventures just as local restrictions lifted, while others were paralysed to move.

Harrison Hedges: Espresso Love

Opening and successfully running your own business is one thing. Doing it when you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism is an achievement that deserves recognition and much respect. A year ago, our next guest was out of a job and out of options. Today he’s operating a successful coffee shop on the Sunshine Coast.

Everyone has a story and we’d like you to meet Harrison Hedges from Whatcha Brewing Specialty Coffee Co.

Coby Davis: “I’ve taken the opportunity to do something really big”

Coby Davis is our INspiring person featured in the Spring 2020 issue of IN Noosa Magazine. She is a young lady in her final year of high school however she’s already achieved more than your average high school student, having written four books and started several small businesses.

Lance and Craig Masterton: From Beer to Eternity

The rise of craft breweries and independent brewers has been phenomenal over the last five years.

Brothers Lance and Craig Masterton from Heads of Noosa Taproom have always had a passion for beer, brewing and diarising their results, sometimes as many as three to four hundred times, making sure that the flavour profiles are palatable and to their liking.

Why did the brothers decide to go big when building the large brewing facility in Rene Street, Noosa? What are the goals for the brand in the next five years?

And who’s responsible for that, outstanding Japanese Lager that they have on tap?

Dui Cameron: “I have no management skills whatsoever”

Have you ever wondered how the great fashion designers and labels got started?

What if we told you that from humble beginnings at the Eumundi Markets, in the Noosa hinterland in Queensland, Dui Cameron has seen her colourful Boom Shankar fashion label grow into a super successful global business?

In this podcast, we’ll examine the Boom Shankar business model and explore why it’s critical to surround yourself with the right people for your business and brand.

David Jouy: On Top of the Restaurant Game

It’s not every day that you get to sit down and have a conversation with the general manager of one of Noosa’s top restaurants.

In this podcast we speak with David Jouy from Rickys River Bar and Restaurant. We cover David’s hospitality journey from France to England and here in Australia. What’s the secret to managing creative staff like chefs? What influences are uniquely David’s on the way Rickys is run? We talk business plan, challenges and the role technology plays in hospitality these days.

Tim Crabtree: A Good Head for Beer

The popularity of craft beer has risen sharply around the world in the last decade and when talking to local brewers here in Australia, they’ll tell you that converting consumers from traditional, heritage beers and breweries to something new with a fancy label or can is one of the biggest challenges.

We decided to venture out of podcast HQ. We charged the Conversations IN Noosa microphone and headed to Land & Sea Brewery on Venture Drive in Noosaville where we spoke to the man behind the operation, Tim Crabtree. Shane Fairweather is Tim’s Canadian import who heads up the brewery team, he also chimes in on the pod.

In this podcast, we talk all things beer, gin and whiskey, plus, we discuss with Tim the challenges of setting up an operation like Land & Sea.

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