Autumn Abundance with Earth Creation

Image source: Photographer Ian Waldie

Autumn is here IN Noosa and it’s time to embrace abundance, as Pete Goodlet enthuses.

Noosa gardens embrace abundance with unbridled joy – abundant sunshine, warmth and rain give you the opportunity to create great beauty – and free rein to be a total lush.

Abundance as a lifestyle choice takes guts and imagination. Be brave; be wild; be free. Ignore rules and regulations and just keep planting. Be lavish – the best possible aim you can have for your garden is to make you happy. 

Beware though, your lush landscape may just make Prue next door absolutely green with envy.

To embrace a lush lifestyle, one must first design a good layout. You need to create good pathways that still give clear access when your garden matures. Keep some sunny spots for warmth and shade for sitting under on those steamy days. 

Lush growth will try and join you in your wanderings and celebrations so keep the taller plantings to the rear of your garden beds and fill the foreground with colour and whimsy, such as grasses that playfully tickle you as you pass by. 

Jungles are beautiful but you don’t want to feel like an intrepid explorer with a machete and a pith helmet as you make your way around the garden.

Abundance in plants that feed you is also key in a joyful garden. Citrus such as lemons and limes love the Noosa climate – and all your need is some good gin and tequila and you are well on your way to a lush lifestyle. 

Self-watering pots or wicking beds can supply you with a plenitude of fresh herbs, leafy greens and chillies. A simple pasta sauce can be whipped up in minutes with a few chopped shallots, garlic, olive oil and pepper. Toss in  freshly-picked chilli and herbs and enjoy with your favourite al dente pasta. 

The simple delight you get from whipping up a meal using produce of your own garden will inspire you to further explore the delights of growing your own. You just never know what life changing herbs you might discover!

Simple pleasures are what creating your garden of abundance is all about. Fill a vase with your own luscious foliage and flowers. A single leaf of a large leaf from a philodendron or monstera can look eye catching in the right vase. Or spot orchids in pots around the garden; enjoy their flowers where they grow or bring the pot inside to show off your horticultural genius.

Abundance is also prolific when it comes to a choice of beautiful plants for your subtropical garden. In larger gardens it is hard to beat the Delonix Regina, commonly known as the Poinciana, for a delightful shade tree. 

Its sculptural trunk can be pruned and shaped to shelter your outdoor area in its welcoming shade and stunning red flowers. Surround the trunk with gravel and highlight it with uplighting for a delight at night.

Frangipani are the highlight of any lush garden. Enjoy the huge variety of colours and scents that make up the varieties of Plumaria Rubra or chose the Plumaria Obtusa with a choice of pink and white flowers, respectively. Often known as the evergreen frangipani it will hang onto its lush green leaves in a warm Noosa summer and will delight with perfume that is the epitome of a lush, tropical summer.

For attracting bees with its stunning flowers, you can’t go past Leptospermum Laevigatum, commonly known as the Australian myrtle, tea tree or coastal tea tree. This species is native to Australia and believed to be a symbol of all things love, good luck, and prosperity

Bamboo comes in many varieties and is perfect to block out our dear friend Prue who just cannot seem to help herself from peeping into your garden to check out your private delights. Stick to the clumping varieties and if in doubt go for the shorter more elegant varieties. Against a stunning dark fence the trimmed culms of bamboo can add a touch of the exotic especially grown in pebbles and uplit with inground spotlighting. 

The choices to add lush life to an abundant garden is unlimited. Walk around your neighbourhood and explore the local nursery to see which plants spark joy. For colour and drama you can’t go past Heliconia Hot Rio Nights and for vibrant cheeky pink my go-to is Cordyline Fruticose Ruby. Place this in front of the dramatic Elephant Ears Alocasia Macrorrhiza for a truly stunning display.

Stuart and his crew at Earth Creation Landscapes are the experts for creating lushness and joy. A garden created by this talented team will fill your life and garden with abundance and joy. 


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