Everyone Has a Story: The Gourmet Playlist

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Need a little inspiration for your Christmas menu? Discover the first of our weekly Podcast Playlists, celebrating the stories and skills of local chefs!

While you’re cooking up a feast for your Christmas dinner, why not get to know the chefs from our favourite restaurants across Noosa and the Sunshine Coast?

From cooking in front of a camera to travelling the gastronomic globe to working the humble kitchens of local venues, these chefs have harvested, prepared and served it all. Indulge in our playlist of chef-focused podcasts from Everyone Has a Story: Conversations from the Sunshine Coast and Noosa!

Josh Smallwood, Noosa Cartel: The Readymade Entrepreneur

Josh Smallwood has travelled and worked for some of the best and biggest hospitality brands around. His passion for food was sparked early on when his family moved to Hong Kong and Singapore because of his father’s work.

Following stints in Melbourne and making a name for himself at Ricky’s in Noosa, John Caruso’s next guest has branched out into the ready-made meals business with a new brand, Noosa Cartel.

Peter Kuruvita, Alba by Kuruvita: I Just Became a Good Fighter

John Caruso’s next guest is a household name, although there are many aspects of his life and career that John was unaware of and he’s sure you’ll find this episode equally fascinating and inspirational.

Peter talks about his travels and work all over the globe, dealing with racism in Sydney when he was a kid back in the ‘70s, and his passion and love of food.

Matt Hobson, Sunshine & Sons: We’re not a transaction business, we’re a relationship business

Discover the different approach this local distiller is taking to bring some sunshine into the lives of locals – and the world!

Geoffroy Marcq: Noosa’s Whisky Boy

The next guest on Everyone Has a Story was born in France. He’s travelled the world and his passion for food has led him to our shores where together with his partner Jimmy, they operate the much talked about Whisky Boy on Gympie Terrace, Noosaville.

Matt Golinski: Dealing with Loss and New Beginnings

Chef Matt Golinski opens up about losing his family, his motivation to keep going, new beginnings, cooking, his garage band, and motorcycles.

Tony Kelly: Hospitality is all about Maths

Discover the winning formula behind Tony Kelly’s success with seven outstanding restaurants as part of the Tony Kelly Restaurant Group.

Lance & Craig Masterson, Heads of Noosa: From Beer to Eternity

Raise a glass to the brothers behind the award-winning Heads of Noosa brewery.

Uwe Wullfen, Greensmith Grocer: A passion for biodynamics

Discover the fascinating background behind one of the Coast’s most passionate organic grocers.

David Jouy, Ricky’s Riverfront Restaurant & Bar: On Top of the Restaurant Game

Meet the General Manager of one of Noosa’s dining institutions, Ricky’s Riverfront Bar & Restaurant.

Michele Lipner, OzHarvest Sunshine Coast: Fearless

Discover the fascinating background and driving force behind the founder of OzHarvest Sunshine Coast.

Dimitris Limnatiti, Diablo Co: I get knocked down, I get back up again

A tale of resilience, persistence and passion with the founding force behind Solbar and numerous other venues as well as Diablo Co alcoholic ginger beer, spirits and liqueurs.

Greg Finn & Greg Ryzy: Time to Dive into Abalone

Discover the fascinating world of wild-caught abalone and sea urchins with second-generation abalone divers Greg Ryzy and Greg Finn.

Harrison Hedges, Whatcha Brewing Specialty Coffee Co: Espresso Love

Meet the amazing young man overcoming challenges and winning hearts with his highly successful and popular cafe.

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